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Glamour help-any hoods for blms?

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I play a Kagon and am trying to get around the sunlight thing by saying that she just covers up enough to keep the sun off her, but I'm having trouble with glamours. I'm blm main, currently going through Heavensward, and there are surprisingly few hoods available for us to glamour. I'm wearing the brand-new set rn since it has a huge hood in the back, but you can't actually pull the hood up, so it's not ideal. Any recommendations?

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For Lv 50 there's the two Darklight Cowl of Casting / Healing ( Both Dyable ).


The Darklight Cowl of Casting drops from Lost City of Amdapor while the Healing equivilent drops from Brayflox ( Hard ).
They have a similar appearance to that of the Ascians robes almost, with " rune-like " elements ( or perhaps more 'tribal tattoo art' ) on them.
The Gloves are by far the best in my opinion as they are clawed and look really neat.


If that's what you mean of course. For actual singular hoods without cloaks well.. Then I don't actually know of any.

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-Lv 50 : Flame Elite Hood (Immortal Flames only)
-Lv 50 : Ironworks Hood of Casting

-Lv 53 : Woad Skywicce's Hood

-Lv 60 : Hood of the Black Griffin (PVP)

-Lv 60 : Prototype Alexandrian Hood of Casting

-Lv 60 : Star Velvet Hood of Casting

-Lv 68 : Twinsilk Hood of Casting




-Lv 38 : Seer's Cowl

-Lv 50 : Darklight Cowl of Casting

-Lv 50 : Austere Cowl*


*Austere Cowl is a personal fav, makes for a great Order of Nald'thal set.


Hope this helps!

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