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[Mateus] Ala Mhigan Resistance Soldier seeking RP contacts!

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The Resistance Soldier

M'auni Tia has fought for the resistance for several years and against the grip of the Empire for even longer. He knows war; he knows battle; he knows blood. Now an aged veteran, the Seeker of the Sun has joined with the Order of the Twin Adders to lend his arm to the Eorzeans who came to aid Ala Mhigo, despite the history of conflict between their people as well as seek out a name for himself and make to repay their kindness—even if he thinks it a debt left far too long unpaid.


Thank you for clicking my ad! I'm looking for RP contacts on Mateus for my Seeker of the Sun. I consider myself a heavy, lore-abiding role-player and love interacting with similar types [lore bending is fine to me, as I have done it in the past, but lore breaking just takes me out of it. Nothing personal!]. I do role-play all manner of things and enjoy having my characters in a variety of situations (because sometimes real life just has you in places you're awkward in), so anything from super serious and dramatic role-play to lighthearted, slice of life stuff and anything in between! 


I do also do content and would love to find people that engage in content as well to join in with! Roulettes, leveling jobs, extreme primals, farming, and (tackling) Savage all included. Eureka is a maybe. Lots of alcohol involved preferably.


RP Hooks:

  • Ala Mhigo! Anyone involved directly or that indirectly aided the Ala Mhigan Resistance, as well as any native Gyr Abanian folk.
    • He is from The Peering Stones himself, but considers himself Ala Mhigan because of how long he has fought for their cause.
  • Engineers, machinists, blacksmiths — basically anyone interested in salvaged magitek scraps.
    • This extends to people in the "black market" as well. So long as he knows he isn't selling back to the Garleans, he's eager to make his coin with trade of both materials and firearms.
  • Order of the Twin Adders (and to a lesser extent, the remaining Grand Companies and Temple Knights of Ishgard).
    • Having been aided by these Grand Companies during the fight for Ala Mhigo, he has given himself to their causes as well—going so far as to join the Order of the Twin Adders because of their shared border with Gyr Abania. 
  • Random walk up! 
    • While he has his demons, M'auni handles himself with poise and respect while out and about. Typically well-spoken, he is known to ease up as he becomes more comfortable around people he deems as friendly, but can be quite cold and stern to those he distrusts. Garleans beware.


Feel free to reach out to me in-game, by message on these forums, or over Discord! Otter#1273 is my name there.

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