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Ki wong

LFRP and friends. Balmung

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Hello, I'm just getting into RPing on balmung and got a bit of plot down for my character -Sony/Espy.- If Sony is too odd of a name to say thats why I have Espy there as well, she replies to both. I don't know what I'm looking for in detail but it'll be nice to have more people to play off of. I also want to make a wiki page here but I'm so lost in the sauce so if anyone wants to help I'm all open. Let me know if anyone wants to help out or whatnot. I'll update this post with character details when I finish my wiki or get help. Thanks for reading. :D OH.. I'll post some pics of her in the meantime.

Sony the samurai. Age 21.
Sony is a young sock em to it drops lets jump into the fire without thinking girl with a sonic like persona to boot. She's loud, proud and extremely cocky.. until she isn't. Having grown up with a massive love for the martial arts, she set herself to learn the sword and the fist. She doesn't work persay and earns her gil from either robbing bandits or flat out going on quests into various dungeons to kill and loot. Her biggest thing is ofcourse adventure, she wants to beat the baddest foes and put herself to the test to get stronger. Tho other than that she actually has a side that isn't all bloodlust. Most of the time you can find her listening to people in the bars in U'ldah, mostly by herself as being new you tend to keep to yourself. She likes to think she's a heavy weight in drinking but 3 shots and she's mostly out. she does have a wall up for her feelings as not many people she'll let in close but if she does she'll likely spoil you. Aren't we all just teddy bears inside? 


I'm still working on her backstory but I got a few things I'm plotting so it'll be up soon. So all this is a very messy work in progress. 


What I'm looking for is mostly just friends to RP with on a daily bases, Friends, villains it doesn't matter really. It'll be nice to do something of a slice of life thing too, I wouldn't be put off by it. OOC of course I want more friends cause being new to this is scary really. I'm sure I made all kinds of mistakes so don't hate me T.T anywho if you wanna chat hit me up ingame. I'm always online as I have no life :D. Sony Playstation is my ingame name. - Yes I know. but I didn't think the game would let me pick that so I was shocked. And YES I promise I'm not a troll. T.T -


"Here's looking at you super babe" Sony Espy 2018.

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