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balmung The Keeper's Kiss • Open Performers Cabaret

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The Elysium May get a bit starry-eyed this coming Tuesday for our open showcase! 

Join us for a night of laughter and music that is renown to warm hearts, dazzle the senses, liven souls, and weaken even the brittlest of stony exteriors! 

✭ Who: Performers from across Eorzea! Dancers, singers, harpists, aetherialists & more!
✭ Doors open: May 15th, 5PM PST / 8PM EST / 1AM UK 
✭ Entertainment Begins: 8:30~ PM EST
✭ Where: The Wanderer’s Elysium: Mists Ward 11, Plot 5 [BALMUNG]
✭ Other Tidbits: We welcome all performers to our stage, both in-house and out, and our performer slots for this cabaret are currently open !
 OPEN SLOTS: We have 8-10 slots usually for each Cabaret with a first-come, first-serve basis. We do withhold the right to grant Keeper’s Kiss members priority on available slots. 


If you are interested in performing at this event (or in the future!) please feel free to contact :

@shroudwayman  (Renaux#8571) @the-false-ser-toes  (Certo#2705) , or @vachir-qerel ( Vachir#1337) for more info!


The Keeper’s Kiss is currently accepting applications! Follow http://www.keepers-kiss.org/recruitment to apply. 


Menu over @  http://wanderselysium.wixsite.com/elysium 


Poster gif credit to the darling @etani-a

Edited by Renaux

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