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balmung RP connections--Tumblr/discord

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Hey everyone!

So, I've on and off been returning to FF14--I have 8 characters on Balmung, most of whom have RP established, etc. But I've found very little time to actually play the game for the extended periods of time that I used to (I can't afford 10+ hours a night to RP anymore >.<). While I am mainly a Balmung player, I was actually looking to see if there's anyone who was interested in primarily tumblr/discord RP...


These are my general rules for RP and myself and what I'm okay with. I tend to RP more gritty/dark themes...so keep that in mind, if possible ^^

I have two mains but am looking to expand on some alts/new character ideas, including 1 Garlean (villain) and 1 character located in Hingashi/Kugane. I have a few anti-heroes I'd like to try out too!

I am kinda busy with work and some other stuff so most of the RP I would do would be out of the game and maybe monday/tuesdays when I am free.

I know this is a strange request, way of coming back to FF14 RP but this is the best I could think of for what I want to do.

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