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Hello, this will be an odd one. I recalled a really awesome guide someone in the community made that detailed the plausibility of certain jobs and their actual availability to roleplayers who were lore abiding. I've lost it and I was hoping someone might have it. 

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I think you're referring to this post by @Kilieit




Hope this helps!


*Note: I don't think it's been updated since the release of Stormblood, so I would make a couple addendums to this post:


>Summoner is still applicable under Tier 3 Historic, but can now also be moved up to Tier 2 Military as the Immortal Flames have started an elite unit of Summoners made up of soldiers who have survived primal encounters and have soul crystals taken from the Ascian encountered in earlier quests.


>Red Mage would likely fall into Tier 3 Historic. Its origins are from post-Great Flood Gyr Abania some 1500 years ago at the turn of the 6th Astral Era, but sometime later fell into disuse and was forgotten. A group of Red Mages called the Crimson Duelists uncovered and attempted to revive the magic circa 25~35 years ago, but would eventually mostly all die out during the Ala Mhigan Revolution against the last king, Theodoric. 


>Samurai is most likely to fall under Tier 2 Military. The art of the Samurai seems pretty commonplace throughout Hingashi and Doma hailing from various noble clans and warriors, as well as ronin mercenaries. The most well known Samurai are the Sekiseigumi, the police in Kugane, and according to the Hildibrand questline at least (I haven't done SAM quests yet) the Sekiseigumi do admit foreigners, but only after they undergo difficult screening process.

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That post from Kilieit is great. I want to also offer an alternative organized around various main criteria for a quick summary glance:


  Lost to legends or active job? Limited mastery? Repositories of knowledge? Numbers? Legality? Inner resource? Soulstone necessary? Place of origin? Additional requirements?
PALADIN Still taught by the Sultanate

Sultansworn: no.


Free Paladin: very recent opening to worthy non military, so yes.

The Sultansworn, and very recently Free Paladins

Small elite unit dedicated in protecting the Sultana, as well as a few free paladins Legal Nothing specific No? But all paladins seem to have one... Uld'ah  
WARRIOR Still used by Hellsguards

Hellsguard reclusive communities: no.


Maelstrom elite units: very recent revival, so yes.

Hellsguard Tribes, and very recently a handful of new Maelstrom units Probably some scattered Hellsguards, and the growing recent new recruits taught by the Maelstrom Legal Inner Beast No, but bolsters the Inner Beast Hellsguard clans  
DARK KNIGHT Still used by lone Dark knights Depends of the master. A few scattered, secretive Dark Arts vigilante practitioners in Ishgard From a handful to the occasional vigilante Illegal in Ishgard, possibly badly seen anywhere else Inner Darkness Yes: allows to channel the Inner Darkness Ishgard  
WHITE MAGE Lost to legends

Padjals: no.


Self taught with amdapori soulstone(??): strong yes.

Elementals and Padjals A handful of padjals only Illegal Hydaelyn's lifesource Very possibly yes, but Raya's words are ambiguous Amdapor (now the Shroud)  
SCHOLAR Lost to legends

Nymian Tonberries: yes, they have no casting abilities.


Neophytes and amateurs: yes absolutely, has just been rediscovered by connoisseurs (Alka Zolka).

Nymian scholars, aka some tonberries None left Totally forgotten, could be badly percieved if linked to the War of Magi Nothing specific Yes: it allows to call upon the faery bond to it Nym  
ASTROLOGIAN Still used by Sharlayan

Sharlayan natives: no.


Anyone else: yes, most probably.

The Sharlayan Studium, Sharlayan native astrologians.


Some non Sharlayan ex students in a more limited fashion (like Jannequinard)

A decent to good amount of sharlayan scholars Non sharlayan astrologian initiates hunted down by the Bibliothecs faction Nothing specific Very possibly yes Old Sharlayan  
DRAGOON Still used by the Order of the Knights Dragoon No.

The ishgardian Order of the Knights Dragoon


Some ex Dragoons in a more limited fashion (like Alberic)

A dozen of them left in the Order proper, including famous Dragoon NPCs


Possibly other exiled or discharged dragoons elsewhere

Legal Inner Dragon (not to be confused with Blood of the Dragon) Yes: allows to wake the power of the dragon and the use of the Drachen Mail Ishgard  
MONK Still used by scattered survivors of the Fists Probably yes, but depends on the master, however rare those remaining may be. A handful  scattered survivors of the massacre of the Fists of Rhalgr A handful  scattered survivors of the massacre of the Fists of Rhalgr

Legal everywhere except in Garlemald


Was illegal under the King of Ruin

The opening of one to seven Chakras of Light, one to seven Chakras of Shadow No, opened chakras actually allows the progressive unlock of the soulstone Gyr Abania  
SAMURAI Still used in the Far East No. Hingan and Doman noble castes, ronin Samurai, and members of the Sekiseigumi in Kugane A decent to good amount of Hingans and Domans Legal in Hingashi as long as you are either of noble Hingan descent, or part of the pleb Sekiseigumi Nothing specific No Hingashi/Doma  
NINJA Still used in the Far East



Old noble Hingan families, founders of the art, hoard a lot of specific secrets like the 4th mudra though.

Powerful or old Hingan families, or reclusive shinobi villages


Some exiled doman refugees (like Yugiri).

Probably a various amount of different shinobi clans Probably illegal or taboo in Hingashi and Doma Nothing specific No Hingashi  
BARD Lost to legends Probably yes, unless you have been trained by someone like Jehantel for a long time already.

Besides Jehantel and the Moogles... hard to tell. Some improbable surviving bards perhaps, and a handful of new Twin Adders units

Almost nobody left from old, a growing pool of recent new recruits by the Twin Adders Legal Nothing specific No The Shroud?  
MACHINIST Brand new Yes, brand new job, everyone is still experimenting.

The Skysteel Manufactory (with open arms) and Hilda's Wolfhounds. 


Some freelance brand new machinists?

Small but gradually growing numbers Legal Nothing specific Yes: allows the use of the aetherotransformer Ishgard  
BLACK MAGE Lost to legends Probably yes, not many great black magic masters still walking this earth.

Some odd Beast Tribe members in a limited fashion, very improbable obscure masters, or perhaps some old reincarnation ala Shattoto... Hard to pinpoint in exact statements


Or your usual run of the mill black mage wanabees in obscure secretive cults

Scattered black mage wanabees in rare obscure cults, at best Illegal Hydaelyn's lifesource Yes: allows to cast the most powerful black magic spells without cooking one's own insides Mhach (now the marshes just next to Mor Dhona)  
SUMMONER Lost to legends Yes, just rediscovered by Saint Coinach.

The Sons of Saint Coinach, Y'mithra, or old Allagan timeless sources like familiars or nodes


Some summoner neophytes in a more limited fashion (like Tristan)


A handful of brand new Immortal Flames units

Scattered neophytes, new Flames recruits Legal Nothing specific Yes Allag (widespan over Eorzea/Ilsabard/Meracydia and possibly more, like into space) Having basked into primal/eikon essences
RED MAGE Lost to legends Yes unless you've somehow been X'ruhn or Lambard student for ages...

Probably nobody besides the two (or single now...) surviving Crimson Duelists

Probably none for now except the 3 famous NPCs (X'ruhn, Arya and the WoL)

Legal, but could be badly seen if linked to the War of Magi


Was illegal under the reign of the King of Ruin

Nothing specific No Gyr Abania  


Lost to legend or active: this basically means that either the job is still recent enough, or actively used to be part of common knowledge, or if said job was lost long ago and is now mostly part of folklore, myth and legend, or a reality of the past. In terms of roleplay, a job being lost to history or worse, legends, means obviously that few might at best still practice it, and that it isn't widely known by common folks.


Limited mastery: if said job just re appeared in Eorzea, or if it's just brand new, odds are that you'll not find a lot of masters, or people with very incomplete or limited knowledge of the art. It's not possible for anyone on Hydaelyn to be the equal of say, a Monk grand master that had 50 Twelvemoons or so to learn and practice. In terms of roleplay, this means that choosing a peculiar job might mean that even the greatest wielders of that job can have somewhat limited knowledge. With the exception for Machinist though, ultimately, all those jobs are old enough that if you're self taught with your own soulstone and/or arcane research, and have been practicing for a long time, then you're probably past limitations I guess. 


Repositories of knowledge: how readily available knowledge of said job is, and how accessible it will be. Who to reach when you don't want to rely on "stumbling on a soul crystal" or "doing lots of arcane research in obscure libraries". 


Numbers: how many still practice that job. This can place restrictions, like in the case of Dragoon or White Mage.


Legality: if you're about to be actively hunted by certain groups, or by everyone on Hydaelyn.


Inner resource: if the job relies exclusively on some type of inner resource or not. Decent Aetherial affinity is a given for all jobs so it will not be listed.


Necessity of a soulstone: if the job requires a soul crystal to properly work or not.


Place of origin: regions where you're the most likely to find a way to learn that job.


Additional requirements: self explanatory.



Edit: sorry for the layout, it's a bit shitty in table actually... Maybe i'll redo a v2.0 a bit more clean...

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INDEED THIS IS WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR!~ TY BOTH~ Killiet was the post I was talking about and the extra information from you both was wonderful, thank you so much~

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I don't quite understand the the restrictions both you Valence and Kilieit put on Astromancy, like it were still only a strictly sharlayan thing. Wasn't the whole point of the Astrologian questline up to lvl 60 (i haven't played SB yet, so im not aware of what happens in lvl 60-70) that Jannequiard wants to make sharlayan astromancy popular and that in the end the astro place in Ishgard (i forgot its horribly complicated name) turns into a place where Astromancy is teached to people?

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Well I don't find those restrictions that restrictive. They just say there isn't probably a lot of ex foreign students like Jannequinard, especially ones that were authorized to dabble in astromancy. Leveva and her father/grandfather tried to export the art to Eorzea, but were hunted by Bibliothecs. In any case, they seem now to have mostly succeeded by they are only two of them and it's very new. 


It's not to say that there isn't any non sharlayan astrologians around there, especially students or neophytes, but the bulk of serious astrologians is without a doubt, sharlayans for now. And when your character is actually sharlayan, there is actually very little if no restrictions on that job and how easy it is to access.

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If Leveva is handing out soulstones there's been nothing to indicate it nor would she have any to hand out cause it was just her and Professor Mace who had permission to be in the realm. I tend to fall into the camp that the art would likely require one else you're probably looking at a lifelong journey to attune to all of the gates and have a limited spell repertoire unless you get expedited though it for main plot reasons I.E. Kyokuho. Even having a Soulstone, the WoL still had to attune. This all pretty much falls into that 'conjecture' zone, people will play it how they wish.

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