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Arin Tayuun

Arin Tayuun - Looking for Business Partners, Friends, Antagonists, Targets!

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I'm looking for new connections for Arin, both good and bad. Plot based RP is my main focus with the potential of DM'd events, adventure, and suspense!  I am very much open to all forms of RP (dark, combat, etc).


To briefly summarize Arin:

Most of her years were spent at the Ossuary in Ul'dah after becoming a run-away where she learned the arts of Thaumaturgy aligned as Lawful Good. Eventually she got into research, mostly independent, and none of her works have ever been published. She has fought for her life, lost her memories, regained them, and even went as far as to break the law for the greater good. 


In current day Ul’dah, the now Chaotic-Good (perhaps steadily becoming Chaotic Neutral) aligned Arin will almost always be seen lurking Pearl Lane in search of information.  It could be for a third party business partner that has employed her or it could be for her own benefit.  Which one?  Who knows.


What I'm looking for:

Friends: Arin is very friendly until forced to be otherwise.  So long as you’re good to her, the people she cares about, and don’t actively attempt harm on the innocent, you’re likely to be good in her book!  Arin tends to be drawn in most by characters of aggressive, the so called ‘tsundere’, or rough character backgrounds/personalities as a result of her ever-observant behavior.  She thoroughly enjoys doing things to see what types of reactions she gets before recording the data in a journal.  Sometimes she might even attempt to make the person break.


Antagonists: Arin has a deep-seeded hatred for all things Garlean.  At present time, there is no other person or persons who hold her disdain.  Depending on what one might do to her or against those she cares for, however, that could change. 

Arin is also more than capable of being an antagonist as well!  Despite her do-good personality, my little Keeper can also be very cruel.  The lengths she has gone to in the past for revenge have been startling.


Allies: As an aether analyst and information broker, there is more than enough potential for job inquiries.  Arin is willing to accept jobs if presented.  She might even have job requests of her own with her current task in mind!


Other: If there's another role you'd like to play just let me know! After all, what's life without a myriad of different personalities?


Other information:






If you have any questions/comments/concerns, feel free to reach out to me either here or in game! 

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Beautifully written, as always! I was browsing the RPC when I stumbled across this and, admittedly, got excited to see you back in the RP scene. It’s been ages (and anyone reading this, Arin’s an amazing writer/RPer—RP with her)! I’ve got two boys available for in-game RP on Balmung and a third on Mateus/Discord. Although any could  be written out-of-game if that’s something you’d prefer doing.

Balmung-wise, you’ll recognize Feine. He’s still kicking and still as nefarious as ever; probably hasn’t forgotten Arin despite some memory mishaps and ongoing plotty things—it might be interesting for these two to meet again. Then there’s his somewhat younger brother, Khaz, who’s much more goodly-aligned. Heart on his sleeve most days, cursed and fairly potty-mouthed—but Khaz always means well. 

If you're at all interested in either of them, lemme know and we can brainstorm some stuff. Otherwise, no hard feelings. Happy writing!

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Of course!  I've missed RPing with you and I think of Feine quite often.  I'm always around on Discord (I PM'd you my handle if you don't still have it).  Feel free to reach out to me at any time!   You know I'm open to all types of plot lines :) 

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