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[Spoilers] Patch 4.3 MSQ Discussion

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So, Gaius van Baelsar is alive. That's a thing. That happened.


I'm taking bets on who the next "definitely dead villain" comes back to life in the next patch. Livia sas Junius? Archbishop Thordan? Why not Teledji Adaledji, just for old times sake? No one we kill stays dead any way, so who cares. Though technically, Raubahn is the one who killed Teledji so he might actually be off the table.


Opinions on Yotsuyu? I liked her character right up until they brought her back to life. Tsukuyomi's design was...okay. Music was good. Music was less good when my PuG group wiped on normal mode five times, but still.


And hot off the presses of Reddit, shamelessly stolen: Samurai is so bad that even Gosetsu switched to monk.

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The orchestra version of Revolutions is so much better than the version with Susan Calloway I didn't even recognize it at first.

I'd ask how Baelsar survived but at this point does it even matter? Maybe it's not really him. Maybe everyone is body-snatched.

It's a little too easy to summon primals these days.

I remember joking with some folk that how neat it would be if Yotsuyu actually got her memories back and ended up stabbing herself and we get a seppuku emote at the end of the MSQ. So when she pulled the knife out I was like "Oh damn, I was joking." but tbh I'm really pleased in the direction it all went. I really didn't expect SE to have it in them to pull the proverbial trigger like that. Loved it.

Her entire primal encounter is the best one since Thordan/Nidhogg imo. Not really because of mechanics but because of the story the fight tells while you're doing it, holy shit. I was just flat out impressed, it was beautiful.

Yotsuyu woke up when she saw her parents at the Castrum. She went back because she genuinely wanted to give Gosetsu his persimmon. That slayed me. There are a few things that are clunky about her story. Pacing, delivery and all that. But gauging it alongside most of the stuff Square delivers she's one of the best characters they've written in...at least a decade in my opinion.

Loved the primal fight, loved the twist at the end even if it would be nice if anyone ever stayed dead ever. The ending of Stormblood and the last 2 patches pretty much placed the bar 6ft under so it's not hard to exceed but I haven't felt this good about an MSQ since 3.3. It's not as good but it's nice to at least feel some hype again.

I liked the direction they went with the player piloting Alphinaud in favor of telling more of the story vs. WoL does/is present for everything. If it makes the story more complex and opens doors for things like supporting character development and worldbuilding then I need this, give me more.

On a sidenote, it's nice they expanded on wtf happened with Zeno's body because it's been a bit of a funny headcanon that while everyone was singing at the end of Stormblood, Elidibus was behind them grunting and hauling his body into a portal and hoping no one noticed him. Also how did Zenos cut his head nearly off and now he can spea...eh yanno. Whatever.

Additional sidenote/edit: The villagers all tolerating Yotsuyu cause little girl says she's not scary was pretty eyerolly and made no sense considering the extent of her crimes. That was probably my least favorite part. I think it would have been much more powerful if they'd all spit on her or something but tolerated it cause Hien is their Lord. She was written to die at this point, would have added another layer of tragedy.

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gunblade tank job confirmed

It's nice to see the #NotAllGarleans setup continue for good Imperials vs. evil Imperials in the next expansion though. Looking forward to empire court intrigues in 5.0, followed by Abyssea-style areas to finish off Ascians/Zodiark.


An updated lorebook covering all the new worldbuilding (auspices living for a thousand years, auracite reshaping reality, Heaven-on-High, viera and other confirmed races) also wouldn't go amiss

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Gaius surviving doesn't really surprise me, but then again I was in that camp that has been shouting since 2.0 "He isn't dead! There is no body!" In truth, I jumped and dance in my chair soon as they zoomed in on him after his sniper-shot display and if I wasn't sure then, I was when they did his slow walk; which echoed so hard back to 1.0. If I had the video editing abilities, I'd probably do a very short clip to Elton John's "I'm Still Standing". but most of the verse leading to the whole: I'm still standing, better hand I ever been. Looking like a true survivor-- and probably ending it there. Cause no way he probably feels like a little kid. XD


I'd like to know is who are the two that are with him, though I've heard speculations that they were Ascians, saved, and thus the original owners of the two red masks. Not sure I'd buy that one but heeeeey.


If Zenos can body switch and Eldibus is doing his body switch, why not!

I have dubbed the Ascians "Invaders of the Body Snatchers" and calling it a day. Zenos now included.


(PS - I am still hoping for a Pureblood race given we are seeing more animation runs and alterations to their models. Probably won't happen, but I can dream)

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I am annoyed at all the dead that can't stay dead (please stay dead Papalymo...), but I'll forgive Gaius for surviving. At least he has the decency to have always been a badass and one of the very rare good characters of the story along with his buddy Nero, Yotsuyu, Fordola... wait a minute, most of those are grey characters. This is trying to tell me something.

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