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jenova Traveling Healer and Aspiring Baker LFRP!

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  • NAME: Trishelle Kimishima
  • AGE: 25
  • RACE: Lalafell
  • ETHNICITY: Plainsfolk/Dunesfolk mix
  • GENDER: Female
  • SEXUALITY: Straight
  • SERVER: Jenova


  • Short red hair with black highlights
  • Caramel-colored skin
  • Long nails that resemble claws
  • Most noticeable by her bright red glasses


  • PROFESSION: Bookstore/Pharmacy owner, baker, traveling healer
  • HOBBIES: studying, traveling, baking, gardening, knitting
  • BIRTHPLACE: Ul’dah
  • FEARS: insects, the dark, drowning, loneliness


  • extroverted / introverted /in between
  • disorganized / organized /in between
  • close minded /open-minded/ in between
  • calm/ anxious / in between
  • disagreeable /agreeable/ in between
  • cautious/ reckless/ in between
  • patient/ impatient / in between
  • outspoken reserved /in between
  • empathetic/ unemphatic / in between
  • optimistic / pessimistic /in between
  • traditional/ modern / in between
  • hard-working / lazy / in between
  • cultured / uncultured /in between
  • loyal/ disloyal / in between
  • faithful/ unfaithful / in between


    ■ Friends, potential business partners, fellow healers, fellow bakers, etc.

OOC/Mun Stuff––––

  • I’m an RPer with social anxiety. Do with that what you will.
  • I work full-time, but at least get Fridays off, with another day off that fluctuates.
  • I’m ok with all RP that doesn’t involve permanent character dismemberment or worse, death.


  • Traveling Healer: Have an ailment that requires a house call? Out and about traversing the land and would feel more comfortable with a capable healer by your side? Trishnova’s your gal.
  • A Work of Heart: (This is the name of Trishnova’s business) If you happen to be in the Mists and are looking for a cozy bookstore/pharmacy combo, you might happen upon this. Can easily be spotted due to the cherry blossom trees out front.
  • Baked goods: Trishnova loves baking, and can often be seen donating the bread she bakes to different shelters and orphanages. If your house in the Mists just so happens to be near her shop, you will also get a whiff of the sweet treats she might be cooking up next, and she’s more than willing to give food to the hungry.
  • Wild Card: If you have a way that you would meet my character that wasn’t listed in my hooks, I’d love to hear it!


  • Tumblr Messages
  • PM on Hydaelyn Roleplayers
  • In-game on Jenova
  • Discord, but I normally don't give that out until I feel comfortable

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