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I'm starting over with a new character and life. Remy Naka, age 21 young samurai and monk in training. Yes I'm no longer Sony Playstation. :c But anyway Here's Remy a sarcastic, mid tone, revenge seeking woman with a crave for sweets. Her backstory is simple and I will add more to it later. But Remy left her tribe to start her own when she was 17, she didn't like the idea of either being choosen or not choosen. She wanted to be the one choosing, to be in charge and she's held that want since she was small. As odd as that is for alot of her kin. A little bit after she left and settled in Kugane her tribe was attacked and wiped out. She only found out by returning there and seeing noone left. Nothing but dried blood and empty sheds. Her selfish goal is now something of a need as there's no home for her to continue on and she is the last of her bloodline. With that Remy suffers a huge bit of guilt that she's the last one left and often wonders if it's worth it. But she's not the type to sit in a corner about it. She takes her anger out in the field and lets her fist and sword bare those feelings. Because of this she's abit sarcastic and is abit withdrawn, tho with that said she's not a boring person. She jokes and is most of the time seen as a goof and tries not to live her life in the past. Her mind replays it but not her actions. 

  What I'm looking for? Anyone that wants to RP anything from drinks, to a random test of strength even to something stupid or goofy. I'm not apposed to only one kind of plot. I just want to make stories and get some laughs and whatnot. As for any kindof romance? Maybe... so far Remy has a thing for midlanders and elezens. But if I haven't thought past that. Tho that's not my first goal, but it'll be fun to RP a relationship. Tho that if it comes to that must stay IC. No bleeds. Don't want it to get odd and whatnot. 

If I think of anything more I'll update, it'll also be cool if anyone can help me set up a wiki for Remy so it looks more legit. Being new and all that. 

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