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balmung Returned player looking for friends!

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So, I've recently returned to the game after a very, very long hiatus.

About.. a year and a half of a hiatus..


I've been catching up on MSQ and other content the past few days but I'd

really like to get back into the roleplay scene as best as I can. I'd also like to find

friends who like to do PvE content as well. Ones I can just hang out with a lot and

have fun with in the game. This is one of two games I play currently so Discord

would also be a really nice thing to have. Both just to chat (as friends do) and for

some roleplay sessions. I hope that's not too big of a deal! I'm looking for more than

just a roleplay partner, as you can probably tell. I'd just like some friends!


My character is Lihli Nherusa. I believe I still have some stuff of hers on my tumblr

but I'll have to redo some of it and clean it up a lot. She's a Keeper of the Moon and

a priestess of Nymeia. She is a healer, herbalist, and has an all-around knowledge

of aetherology. She doesn't have much combat experience but is learning and

willing to learn as much as she possibly can. I like to attend all sorts of events

with her as is possible and am not very picky on what kind of roleplay I get.

Preferably, I like slice of life and long-term roleplay plots. I don't shy away from mature

themes or any of the sort, it just has to make sense for the character and be

something I am comfortable roleplaying. Which, well, is a lot!



There's much more I can say but I'd like to keep this a little short!

If interested, definitely hit me up in-game or through Discord (Lᶦᶫʸ#3261).

I look forward to meeting new friends this way!

(Also: I play a healer! Carry me around with you.)

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Hello and welcome back to the game! I also came to this server seeking new connection and people to play and enjoy the game with! I'd really like to meet your character in person and I think it'd be cool if we could be friends too! I've also got Discord, so I think that works pretty well! I've got a Miqo'te soo! He's a Sunseeker who's really naive about the world but has big dreams to fulfill! I'd love to RP with you some time and play with you in game or RP with you on Discord! Send me a private message and we can connect!


Have fun and once again, welcome back!

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Welcome back Lihli! I returned recently as well, and sure feels good to see so many returning faces!

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Thank you to the both of you!


It's really very good to see you again, Liriell!

I can't wait to catch up with you. ♥

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42 minutes ago, Vincent Sarkoza said:

heya i just returned too lol. See you in game!

Welcome back as well, Vincent!

Definitely don't be shy if you'd like to message me in-game.

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New, awesome Balmung friends? :o Maybe?

I've been trying to collect more friends lately, so if either of you (Lihli and Vincent) want to meet a bunch, flail at me on Discord! Liriell's one of them (and super great!). :3

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Welcome back! I've just returned after not having internet for a month myself... and haven't actually RP'd consistently in over a year. I've been looking to change that and would welcome any new faces on the journey. :)


I'm typically on:


Seri Okara


Menelluin Camda


Both are Keepers, sooo... hahaha. I guess I like Keepers. I hope to see any/all of you in game soon!

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Welcome back, it's great to see so many people returning to Balmung! :D

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On 6/8/2018 at 6:56 PM, Faye said:

Welcome back, it's great to see so many people returning to Balmung! :D


Thanks! It's honestly great to be back.

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