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[Balmung] Ala Mhigan Market Night -- July 28th @ 8:00pm EST

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DATE: July 20th , 2018 @ 8pm EST, recurring monthly

LOCATION: Ala Mhigan Quarter, The Lochs


OOC: The Ala Mhigan Market night (coming soon to a Lochs near you!) is a monthly market in the Ala Mhigan Quarter as part of our “post-enslavement-to-the-Garlean-Empire” economic revitalization effort! Check out our uniquely Mhigan wares (and some "exotic" goods as well)! Meander through the scenic, sandstone buildings of the Capitol’s youngest district! Haggle with bazaar members! Consume locally made brews! Try to outflex our impressive security! Get recruited into the Resistance at an informational booth! Everything you love about real markets, all from the comfort of your chair, your home, where you don’t have to spend "real" money or talk to "real" people! What’s not to love?


The Ala Mhigans of Balmung ("A MoB", if you will) discord server is a collaborative effort organized for the sake of networking and creating lore-friendly opportunities for Ala Mhigan roleplayers across Balmung. Our server is open and welcome to all players of Ala Mhigan affiliation or descent. Got an Ala Mhigan or a character who cares for our country’s cause? This is the place for you!

If you are interested in learning how you can be a part of this event, or learning about post Stormblood Ala Mhigan RP opportunities, click here to join the discord!



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