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[23rd of June 2018] Group Listings now Live!

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As a new initivative within the club-feature, we now allow for listings to be made for Groups that are not strictly speaking a Free Company or Linkshell.
You now have a space to support your group initiatives. However, all Group listings must be Roleplay/FFXIV or RPC Related.

Examples of Group listings that are allowed:
- Roleplay-related Discord groups
- Forum Roleplay Groups
- Wiki Template Designer groups
- Etc.

Examples of Group listings that are not allowed:
- FictiveName's good weather appreciation club (Not roleplay related)
- FictiveName's Callout group (Cause it goes against the guidelines, which you should read.)


Please note that these listings do not require the Server or RP Intensity options as these are only relevant for FC/LS listings.


Find the Groups here!


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact a moderator!

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