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Q'talhdi Belhi

[Magazine] WARK! Issue 2

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Another moon has gone by, and the green-haired Seeker has been spotted handing out a magazine in Ul'dah once more. Aside from that it can also be found at the Adventurer's guilds, book stores and libraries in the cities of Ul'dah, Limsa Lominsa, and Gridania. She has even sneakily tried hiding it between the pages of the Tonberry Times, if given the chance.



Hello Dreamers!
It has been a whole moon already, and we are ready to present our second issue of WARK! Magazine, designed for your reading pleasure by the dedicated crew of Chocobo Dreams.

In this issue we explore some Hydaelyn Holiday locations, discover a darker side of the housing wards, find out who’s fashion was the most faux pas, and more!


Click here for the full magazine Google Drive


Find us on Tumblr



WARK! Issue #2 front page.jpg

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