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S'hatsuho Kheda

New Xaela Seeks Xaela Tribe/Tribal RPers/Reroll Partners/More

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Hello!  I am looking to roll up a new Xaela character on Mateus and I am looking for people who would be interested in role playing tribal Xaela characters.  Ideally, I'd love to have a couple of people interested in rolling new character together to play through the game with, que up for stuff with, and travel together in a traditional nomadic sense as we explore Eorzea.  While this is my ideal scenario, I do understand the commitment that I am asking for and will happily work with existing Xaela characters as well.  I'd perhaps even be willing to join an existing tribe.


I've not given much effort into expanding what I would like beyond this.  I definitely feel like the details should be hashed out as a group.


Things to consider:


Which tribe should our group be part of?
Do we wish to develop our own tribe with their own customs? (My personal pick, and I have some ideas for this.)

Does the tribe have a uniform appearance?  Things like skin and hair colors common among the tribe.

Would we want to create our own linkshell or free company?  (I have a FC with a mansion in Shiro we could use.)

OOC, what are our play times and work schedules?  On that note, I'll leave my own work schedule here...


  • Monday - My scheduled hours at my place of employment are 2 pm to 10 pm EST, but this is rarely how things go.  It is not uncommon for me to work a 12 hour shift on Monday.
  • Tuesday - My scheduled hours are 2 pm to 10 pm EST, but I often go in at noon so that I can leave at 8 and get home at a decent hour.  As long as my work is done, my employer does not mind.
  • Wednesday - Same as Tuesday.
  • Thursday - Same as Tuesday & Wednesday.
  • Friday - My scheduled hours Friday are 7 am to 3 pm EST.  Work rarely takes the full day on Friday and I often leave around 1.
  • Saturday & Sunday - My place of work does not operate on the weekends, so these days are free for me.


If you think that you might be interested, pop into this discord server.  I am almost always available on Discord unless I am asleep, so this is the best way to reach me.  We can also use the server as a place to plan things out.

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Hello! As a Xaela main player and led a tribe once in Balmung, i fully support your effort!

Unfortunately, i am already a member of Xaela FC in Mateus and i dont think i can work on another alt. Always willing to drop by and make connection, will also let other Xaela RP'er know about this thread.

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Posted (edited)

Hello there! I think it's great that you're looking to build a tribal Xaela group centered in Eorzea. I already have a Xaela main centered in the Steppes, but I have always been a fan of this idea. It's hard enough for people to get to the Steppes ICly, and Eorzea has a lot to offer. It's nice if people can take advantage or the Eorzea setting if they so choose. 

That said, I have some ideas! Take and choose them as you please. I love to help brainstorm and bounce ideas around.

One idea for being Tribal Xaela yet making the most out of Eorzea, could be that maybe they are Reunion Merchants, or tied to reunion merchants and are tasked with exploring Eorzea to gather materials, make items, get new inspiration, or something along those lines. Though they are so far away from home, they can still function as a "tribe". Maybe they follow the way a Xaela tribe would act. Being of different tribes back home, maybe there is some conflict or IC decision making on what laws/ways your tribe works in Eorzea. Perhaps they do become their own tribe in Eorzea. It would do good to show Eorzeans the superior way of living! :P

What you decide for your FC or Group as far as what to wear is up to you. My Xaela tribe has a clan color. We're not forced to wear it, but encouraged to. Having an FC is cool IMO, especially if you look to be based in Eorzea. I only know of Two Xaela FC's, and they are both based in the Steppes. I'd love to help out anyway I can and am able to even if I'm not apart of your group. Having a linkshell , whether you have an FC or not, I believe would be wonderful. I know there are a few linkshells dedicated to specific tribes out there that span FC and region. It's mostly for OOC communication and support than anything (at least the Kha tribe one I'm in is), but it's really fun. My FC linkshell is in character. Whatever you and your group decide will be fine, I'm certain.

Whatever you decide with your tribe, I hope to see some of them in Reunion. I mention this because it's a safe place for Xaela RP (since no violence is allowed) and also because Mateus has a great Reunion Market event that usually happens once a month. (Here is a tumblr link with more information. Also, the Discord Link if you'd like more information.) At this event, many come together fro mall tribes (and FC's).  

You can also ask questions on the Mateus RP Hub's Discord if you haven't already. There's a lot of activity there, so I have it muted lol. I look in a few places though when I feel the need. My main's Tribe is also recruiting people if you'd like to visit and take a look also. Having a contact that regularly goes to Eorzea could be really neat!  Even if your character does not, I'm certain the interactions will be fun.

Whatever comes of you and your group, I wish you the best and hope this has been helpful! 


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Posted (edited)

@Algun - Thanks!  The more eyes that see the thread, the better!


@Kharma - Admittedly, my highest level character ever has been 60 and I have never cleared the Heavensward story to unlock Stormblood.  I haven't been to the Steppes, myself and this project is mostly being driven by my love and fascination of the Mongolian Horde as it formed under Genghis Khan and expanded/developed under Kublai Khan.  I never did well in History in school, because modern history is a boring pile of drivel (imo), but I always had a love and fascination for the more formative years of human society.  In fact, I only recently learned that the Xaela were very heavily inspired by Mongolian culture from this time, and even into the modern day to a lesser extent.


All of that said, I have absolutely no idea what a Reunion merchant is.  My personal perspective on the tribe, provided that others interested in the project would be willing to adopt the idea, would be that our tribe would be a small, custom-made tribe from the Steppe.  Their tribe would lionize the act of hunting and it would be an integral part of their tribal identity.  I know that hunting is important to nearly every tribe from a survival perspective, but this tribe would take it above and beyond.  hunting for this tribe would not simply be a matter of survival, but also as a sport, a spectacle, and a way to attain social status.  The tribe's herd would be small, probably no more than a handful of cattle that they solely keep for harvesting milk, and a horse for each hunter.  Beyond that, nearly all of the tribe's food would come from hunting and their overabundance of meats and furs that they attain as a result of this lifestyle would likely be dried, preserved, and traded to other tribes or peoples.

I see the tribe as being fiercely and violently protective of their hunting grounds, but not overly viscous or bloodthirsty beyond that, and willing to engage in trade with other xaela and other cultures.  It is this love for hunting that I see driving the tribe from the Steppe.  They, in their own opinions, are the greatest hunters of the Xaela, if not of the realm.  It is their right and their duty to venture beyond the steppe and be the first of their kind to challenge the prey of the world beyond their ancestral home and feast upon its flesh.


If this project does not get off of its feet, then I will continue on as a solo xaela from this tribe who has decided that this is to be her calling, despite that her tribe did not agree and did not accompany her.

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If that's what you choose, by all means, go for it ^-^.

Reunion is an extremely important part for all Xaela. When you can, just be sure to take a look at the important parts of Xaela history and lore in the Steppes. Even if you aren't able to play through that area yet, the more you know the better it might help you. The information you have is spot on for Steppe life. I think it could apply well to many of the 50+ Official Xaela tribes listed already. Making your own or going with your headcanon is certainly doable. 

Best of luck in your endeavor. Have a great time with the game!

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