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Neneso Neso

Long running company looking for rp loving folk!(Mateus)

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Heya folk! Neso here. I'm the leader or Amber Role Play. Or A-RP for short. ❤️ Here's our company info. Feel free to pop on by if you're looking for a fc to join. Or just come on by even if you're not. We love meeting folk :) If you have any questions let me know!


We run 3(technically 4) events. If it has 'company' it's free company members only ;)

-Tuesdays: Adventure night. We go out and fight things

-Wednesdays: Company rp night. Technically not an event as it's more 'self run' in that it relies on others to function. Come to the company and rp, if you want. ;)

-Fridays: Bar/Fight night. Come for the drinks, stay for the brawl.

-Saturdays: Company Storyline. In which stuff happens, and we spend the week discussing what happened.


FC Name: Amber Alyssum
Tag: <A-RP>
Leader Name: Neneso Neso - The Laladome#8597
FC House Address: Plot 36, 14th Ward, Lavender Beds. (South subdivision teleport)
Type: Adventure
Active Times: 6+ hours typically ranging from 8pm EST to 2AM
Seeking: Roleplayers from any cut of the cloth.
"May the sun be behind you, and the winds favorable as you travel to a new dawn."
Public knowledge:
A-RP is a company that gives anyone and everyone a home, on the condition they be prepared to do anything and everything. To the outside they are a 'for hire' group that will do any job, be it gardening or monster slaying'

Less public knowledge:
To the rare people 'in' there is also a dark underbelly, as Neso is a keeper of balance. This group takes on morally gray missions for lucrative gains. While Neso would never admit it, the 'good' side of the company simply cannot make enough to keep up with the influx of people requesting help. (icly that is, oocly we love new peeps)

"Do you feel that there can be a thing such as too much good?"
Those who answer yes to this question will be given an offer of recruitment to the Black Claws.
Contact: Neneso Neso
Website: amberalyssumrp.enjin.com
Discord: discord.gg/TWUEWem


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