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Alternate Roleplay Servers?

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Hey there, I'm pretty new to the game. I played the trial a few months ago but I've finally decided to commit and sub.
I was curious about roleplay servers here. When I made my character, Balmung, Gilgamesh, and Mateus were all full. So, is there another RP server? Or will I have to try and get a server transfer to be able to RP with people?

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Mateus still occasionally opens outside of primetime to my knowledge. That's probably your best bet if you're playing on an American timezone. If all else fails, you can still transfer into Mateus, but Balmung doesn't actually allow this as it's currently marked as a congested server.


If you're online more around European timezeones, Omega may be an option, but they're still growing as a server and I can't speak for the people who are currently on there as I don't have an alt to see for myself at this time.



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I recently made another alt on Mateus and was surprised when it was locked. Tried again the next morning and got in right away though, so if you want to keep trying it shouldn't be too much of a hassle. Also, it's totally worth it! I'm already making connections here and everyone I've talked to OOC is super friendly and helpful. Good luck! 

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Posted (edited)

Mateus is indeed open, and frequently so. This happens with most Mid-sized to large servers anywhere. 
XIV often closes things during prime time as not to overweigh their servers.

I've personally made characters recently even on more prime-time type hours during the weekdays with little issue. It's usually the weekends which are the issues, (friday-sunday 12noon-10pm pst)

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