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Can I has ur opinions?

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Hello! So after along hiatus and me messing things up with my last FC (due to IRL things needing to be dealt with so much, hence my absence), I've decided to come back to the game. and to RP. My character is a duskwight elezen from sharlaya. She is an astrologian who also does fortune telling. she's very pretty, and I enjoy playing her.


I've had basically this same character for nearly 4 years, and the RP or her development has really gone nowhere. Sometimes because the FC's I was in died off, or I was displeased with how things were going on around me.

I'm now beginning to enjoy playing red mage. it's been one of my fave jobs for like literally decades. And I'm pleased with it so far.

Do you think I should maybe reroll the character? Like start fresh with a phantasied character? If so... a Miqote? Are they to common around here anymore?

Basically I'm just looking for ideas, for your input. If you found yourself in this sort of circumstance, what do you think you would do? Besides post on an RP forum and ask for people's advice?

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Roll with what you feel inspired to! I would personally go for an entirely new character, since it sounds like you have to re-build your network entirely again. That may be easier when you don't have the kind of ballast a four-year old character can have of experiences that relate mostly to people who perhaps aren't around anymore. I'm generally not a fan of rerolling the same character- it means you may be prone to fall in the same issues over time, partly ruining the point of the reroll.


As for if Miqo'te is popular still? I think for race popularity, perhaps save for lalafell and roegadyn, if you try to notice how popular any given race is, you're gonna notice a lot more of it and it'll skewer your view. If you're trying to give your character more of a unique edge, I would advise you not to let that unique edge be based on wheter or nor a lot of people play a certain race.

I am not super into RDM lore, but the NPC who teaches it in-game is a Miqo'te from (very far away) and it makes sense for a Miqo'te to pick up that kinda ancient maybe a little bit banned in some places-magic since they're a race that have been described as travelling a lot / appear mostly anywhere in the world, as opposed to other races where not originating from in/around their "hub" already makes for an outlier story, as the exception to the rule. So maybe think in the context of what you want your character to be and relate that to the common lore of the races and places on the map instead.

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The lore around RDM availability is rather restrictive since technically the npc trainer is the last one of a dead art, and he teached more recently the WOL, Arya and Alisaie so that they dabble a bit with that magic.


Sharlayan is probably the best place to learn about lost obscure arcane knowledge in any case, especially if you are a native sharlayan.

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