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balmung 💀 The Bad Rep Ball - A Balmung Rock & Roll Festival 💀

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      Some Crazy Bastards & Their Friends Officially Present:   


A Balmung rock & roll and punk tribute festival, ala The Hair Ball, with a twist. Featuring:

Happy Gyuki Clinic, Clockwork Coeurl and Chimera ware vendors!

Fashion Contest & Prizes! 

Superb Raffle Listings!

Themed Block Performances !

Dancing in Gardens!

Swank Clothing!

Loud Music!

 ..............and more! 


💀 The Who: Your Face. Your Friend’s Face. Their Friend’s Face(s). You get the idea.
💀 Where To Go:  Kobun Gardens | Shirogane W18 Main Ward  [ BALMUNG ]
💀 When’s The Fun: Saturday, July 28th, 3pm PST/6pm EST
💀 Thematics:  Classy Rock and Roll Punk. Bring your best straps, flannels, short skirts, spikes and Edge. Colours optional but moderately encouraged.
💀 Music Playlist Genres: Rock, EDM, Punk, Metal [ BGM Music Playlist ]  
💀 What You’re Walking Into: [ Festival Docket & Guide ] Click me for event information + a handy map!

The Akanezaka Markets and Kobun Gardens are decked for a festival-- a ROCK FESTIVAL! An IC neutral gathering where Garlean citizenry and Eorzeans can come together, mingle for a night out with music, dancing, games and raffles! Who doesn’t like a good prize or six? Catering to the event provided by BAR SAISEI.

Event Runner’s Notes:  As it is a public event, there’s a few IC and OOC notes to take! First and foremost, the event is considered a ‘Garlean Friendly’ event for Garlemald citizens and those still residing within Kugane, Shirogane, and the surrounding islands, as well as traveling Eorzeans. 


This means there might be some (understandable) tension between the two factions. Kobun Gardens, as Kugane officials have stated, is neutral ground. No violence will be permitted within the festival space. (Pretty please.) Everyone’s there to watch the show, drink outlandishly, dance too hard and bid a few cheap raffle tickets on overpriced market board items. 


OOCly, if the crowd seems too thick, feel welcome to party up and/or mingle further into the ward! Announcements of upcoming events, running games and raffle cutoffs will all be in /Y. 

The background music playlist & performers sets for the evening may include songs with light/moderate profanity. 


The DJ music queue will open up to the public after ~2 hours. 


Carpe Noctem, Amicis.


Confused? Got burning questions making your skin itch? Didn't but suddenly had your skin itch and wanna submit a mental complaint? 

Then toddle on over into Renaux's inbox and give them a ping! 

(Message and data rates may apply. Puns come free of charge. Immediate responses not guaranteed because of perplexing spinning mental goldfish and/or THE MAN with it's thing called work. Ugh.

Posters featuring characters & art by: 

Red Sparrow @ziyo-yo

Vilified Jaguar @jasui-vihn

S A V A G E @aegir-ffxiv 

Night’s Howl @thornedembers 

& Savo the Sewer Cat @savothesewercat 


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