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Miqo’te Tribes of Thavnair

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Hello all!! I’ve been interested in RP for a while, and have decided to give it a go. I saw that there’s a similarly titled post on Thavnairian Miqo’te, which was extremely helpful! But - and this is what spurred me to make my account - I have a lore related question it didn’t answer. 


My Seeker would be descended from Miqo’te that didn’t cross over to Eorzea. If I remember correctly, those Miqo’te followed their totem animals and divided into 26 tribes. But does that mean none of these tribes existed pre-migration? If not, what do you think modern Seekers from the Near East would be named? Someone suggested the implied naming conventions of Thavnair/wherever the character’s from; but I’m wondering if they would just be in-game Miqo’te names without tribal prefixes? 


I’ve considered cobbling together a name using Mithra names from FFXI. The Miqo’te are expys of Mithra (I saw some surnames from FFXI among the Keepers), so using Mithra names styled like Miqo’te names would make them foreign yet familiar to their Eorzean kin?

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Yes these tribes existed already when the migration occured. They stumbled on the eorzean alphabet when they moved to Eorzea and found it the work of the divine that the exact number of letters in the whole alphabet coincided with the number of tribes, so they gave a letter to each tribe to match their animal emblem.

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Thank you for responding! So the overall naming conventions would remain the same (unless she came from a family that assimilated with another culture), but without the tribal prefixes? 

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Most likely yes. If you choose to go for the Thavnarian naming approach, I have to admit to be a bit short of solid answers to give though.

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