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mateus [Mateus] Bi - Weekly Market - 8/25 7pm est

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Steel Bear Enterprises Weekly Market

Saturdays 7pm - 10pm EST




Steel Bear Enterprises its weekly Market & Tavern event this Saturday from 7-10pm EST.


Stop by the Market and peruse the wares crafted by our in-house artisans: Cosmetics, Tomes and Books, and Doman weaponery just to name a few!


All all that haggling is sure to raise a hunger or thirst, and that's when all of our patrons are invited to visit The Bear's Den tavern located just down stairs.

There customers will be served the finest in food and drinks from our Ala Mhigan inspired menu by our friendly staff.


There may also be a surprised planned for the end of the evening. See you there!


Location: -Goblet ward 18, Plot 51.


OOC: -All gil is IC, though donations may be accepted.





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Steel Bear's Tavern and Market are open right now.  8/11


Shop - Eat - Drink



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Steel Bear is taking a break this weekend for our company picnic!  Looking for some RP?  We'll be in Costa del Sol indulging in fun, sun and food.  Lots of food and ale.  8/18

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Come join us Saturday, August 25th! Visit the Market, come down to the Tavern.  We'd love to have you.

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We're open!  Come have some RP!


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