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mateus Mateus - Big Effort for Little Ala Mhigo! 8/12 7pm

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A Big Effort for Little Ala Mhigo.

Sunday , August 12th

Starting 7pm

Ending 9pm or whenever people leave.


Though many victories have been won, there are still those who need help.  Now with the lines down and families reuniting, that help is needed more than ever if we want our brothers and sisters to remain strong and carry onward.


Join us as we come together to support family and friends by providing good meals, warm blankets and friendship around the fire.



IC purpose :   Support and foster the residents of Little Ala Mhigo

OOC purpose:  Foster RP between FCs and RP out in the world.





Soup line * Hot food * Blankets and/or clothing Give Away


Ale  * Dry goods  *  First Aid station


Storytelling around the campfire.






Steel Bear Enterprises is hosting a food/blanket(or clothing) drive for the people of Little Ala Mhigo. In conjunction with other FCs, we invite you to come join us for a night of RP.


We have spots open for:


FC sponsors - FC representatives can come and take up a designated spot in the cavern where they can serve food, hand out items, provide basic medical care, etc.


Storytellers - Come share your stories around the campfire as people mingle and take a moment to the meals provided.


Greeters - Direct the flow of traffic from the Aetheryte or lost individuals.


Healers - Provide basic medical care and/or check ups.


Contact Evie Chalahko or Berduta Swordhand  in-game or send a DM here.  


Thanks for reading!



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We're so happy that Wyra'to Coeurlkin is going to join us for the event as a storyteller!  


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I can't outright guarnatee, but there's a very good chance I'll be able to send my Moire over to sing, tell stories, and generally be her cheerful, helpful self.

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This is tonight!  We still have spots open if your FC or you want to be involved.  Just DM me or get in touch through discord - Rhen#5872.  

Or just come on by for some RP.

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I can't guarantee I will go as I feel not really up to snuff at the moment. 
However reps from my FC might be stopping by. <<UO-RP>>

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A big thank you to everyone who attended last night!  

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