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New To FF14 RP

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Hello everyone! I am pretty excited to dive into the FFXIV roleplay scene. I am originally from Gilgamesh (where my main still resides) but have recently been looking to start playing on an RP focused server. Luckily I found that I made a placeholder character on Balmung, which from what I understand, is the largest RP server at the moment. My plan is to start roleplaying with that character (though he is an extremely low level and I will be changing his name). I have been holding off on this because re-leveling isn't something I find particularly attractive, but the allure to RP in one of my favorite worlds is too much for me to ignore! I hope to meet some of you and would welcome any advice for someone new to the RP scene! Thanks!

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Hello! Welcome to Balmung!


As a person who is loathed to re-level anything and yet with alts that I want to play with or glamours I want on other classes, don't forget you can boost yourself to level 60 but it will take a bit out of your wallet. 


As for the general RP scene itself, I would point you to the Balmung event calendar, there are usually events/areas you can poke your head into for RP on any given day.  There is also a Balmung RP tumblr site you can check out as well.


Otherwise, I would browse this site and just see if anyone interests you and send them a PM! Everyone's pretty friendly. 


Have fun out there!

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