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Kab'ir Sartaj

omega [Omega] Keeper of the Moon LF long term contacts and plots!

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Hello there! :)
I've been lurking on this Forum for a while and it might as well be time for me to introduce myself. I play Kab'ir Sartaj, a Keeper of the Moon guy now located on Omega, the unofficial (?) EU server. I don't have a FC at the moment and finding RP and long-term stuff is not exactly easy. Randomly meeting people in the streets is all nice and fine, but it can only be carried on for so long... I would much prefer finding more solid plots that entails something else than just sitting in taverns and mingling over general topics.

About Kab'ir:
On a first look, an easy going, grinning fella coming from a tribe of hunters and entertainers. (Jovial jesters or wicked con-artists, however?)
 As proved quite a few times by now, Kab'ir finds solace into inhebriation, which brings out the worst of him. Often, it brings out ghosts from his pasts, which make him turn odd, obnoxious and nonsensical. (Trauma? Personality disorder? PTSD? Who knows.)
Swinging between light side and dark side is quite the vivid reality for Kab'ir. The line of morality is very thin. There's a saying in my country that says "A good chance turns a man into a thief". When does he step upon the boundries of morality? When is it too much and it's time to take a step back? --> It has to be seen.


So, here is what I would like to get for myself, in order of preference! 


1. Tribal roleplay! I'm looking for more Keepers of the Moon specifically and if possible, because I would like to create strong ties with other Miqo'te. If they have a tribal background, it gets +100 Bonus points! I always found the clan structure very fascinating, and so, I'd truly want to develop that field of Roleplay.

2. Long term plots. What does that mean? Anything that entails a slow-burning character development and storytelling that spans for a long time into the future. Adventures, friendship, rivarly, trouble, all kinds and manners of things that can shaken up Kab'ir's world and put him through one helluva time.
I'm a bit tired of tavern RP where everything repeats itself. 

3. Open world roleplay. I absolutely love the housing system in FFXIV but I admit that sometimes I miss the open world. Specifically, I really would like to RP in the Shroud, Gridania and if necessary, Lavender Beds. 

General Likes:

1. Friendship, social ties RP. No matter the race, the gender, the background of your character, Kab'ir needs friends and contacts. I'm absolutely not fussy about what kind of friends he gets, just as long as something interesting can come out of it. If you ask me to define 'interesting', I would say anything that brings out entertaining dynamics between my character and yours.

2. Travelling. Let's go places, I'm all up for it! Different enviroments stimulate motley writing. Besides, it'd be a good way to share things together!

3. Discord RP. If you think you don't have time to log in, but you still would love to RP, I am very acquainted with the notion of RP on Discord!




Discord: GreenGlow#7724  :)
Feel free to add me in case you're interested!

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I'm finding myself in the same boat with struggling to find long term partners and people willing to leave the tavern. I don't have any characters over on Omega but I tend to stick to Discord anyways. Raiding and D&D tend to keep me from sitting around in game for hours. I'm still sorta new to setting up plots and the like but if you're okay with Discord I'd be game to RP sometime. I can't send or receive friend requests until later tonight but there's links with my info in my signature somewhere.

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Hey! :D
That's perfectly fine. Yeah, I'm certainly fine with Discord! It's becoming more and more of a habit these days, even though I always prefer the "graphic settings" of the in-game enviroment... But it doesn't really matter all that much to me. ^^
I'll add you on Discord, no worries. ^^ We can take it from there! :)

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Messaged you and bumping this thread because I am interested! (And yes, I don't care the last bump was a month ago!)

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