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hyperion Raiders of the Lost Slot Machine 9/2

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Raiders of the Lost Slot Machine
Lucky Sevens Casino & Gentlemen’s Club Presents!
A special Collaborative Role-Play event with Astral Cloister, Cosa Nostra, Dark Mystics and Mist!


Hyperion Scavenger Hunt 2018

When? September 2. 10 PM-Midnight, Eastern
Where? Gather in Hyperion's, Mist - Ward 6, Plot 7 - The Lucky Seven's Casino & Gentlemen's Club!

After dolling out millions, the famed Lucky Sevens Slot Machine fell under the envious eyes of brigands from across Hydaelyn. It's almost like they don't realized you have to fill the hopper with gil, it doesn't just magically print it! After a thrilling nighttime heist that included an overly complicated plan, which went unused because someone had already broken a window with a brick, the bandits have managed to steal away with their prize: The slot machine itself!

September 2, the Lucky Sevens and the Free Companies of Hyperion bring you the ultimate Scavenger Hunt to take part in the ultimate adventure!


The clues have been gathered, the trail stretches across the entire star of Hydaelyn! With such a valuable relic as our slot machine on the line, the Lucky Sevens will spare no expense in its retrieval. So join forces with the legendary adventurer-for-hire "Indy Game" Jones. Follow the maps he's assembled to the hiding spots where the slot machine pieces have been secreted away--And collect your much deserved reward when you bring them home to the Lucky Sevens Casino & Gentlemen's Club.




Lucky Sevens Casino and Gentlemen’s Club--Where Role Play is the Biggest Jackpot!


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Thank you-thank you-thank you! Thank you all for joining us at the Lucky Sevens Casino & Gentlemen's Club for our the special event Raiders of the Lost Slot Machine! Dozens and dozens of intrepid adventurers joined us and fun time was had by all. A special thanks to all those who helped run the event:

  • Aina Uzuki <7777>

  • Aurora Klein <MIST>

  • Graxana Saronis <7777>

  • Faelynn Morrigan <7777>

  • Jet Sikunya <7777>

  • Kazura Ubiquitous <7777>

  • Marribel Silverwind <HAVEN>

  • Michael "Indy Game Jones" Jones <7777>

  • Mystaria Ausa <MYST>

  • Rhy Dox <MAFIA>

  • Viglundr Feilan <7777>

Our grand prize winner was Kiel'ndia Vel'sharen, who most certainly cheated somehow, and eighteen lucky winners that completed the race in total. Adventurers that deciphered Indy Game Jone's maps and for the Event:

1st Place - 1 Million Gil: Kiel’ndia Vel’sharen
2nd Place - Wayward Daughter Orchestrion Roll: Chiela Kypri
3rd Place - Aurelia Polyp

  • Sarina Hart

  • Amara Brineford

  • Snow Reinkest

  • Nyash Mouth

  • Nero Reinkest

  • Domocous Reisontonair

  • Holy Shenanigans

  • Krow Shadowstep

  • Zero Luciis

  • Ayda Kenshi

  • Claudia Lazuli

  • Ishikawa Hanzo

  • Elleanne Wyndragon

  • Dusk Reaper

  • Fainee Caelin

  • Aki Sakamaki

We hope to see you all again soon, right here at the Lucky Sevens Casino & Gentlemen's Club, Mist Ward 6, Plot 7! Mondays and Fridays Casino Night, 10-Midnight Eastern. And keep a close eye on our discord for each OpenRP night event announcement, each from a new, secret location every week--You Lucky People!


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