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Question about making chacacter

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First I'd like to say  sorry about my spelling I am dyslexia.


Second I am attempting  to make a chacacter  to role play with and got few small questions.


One is about health with lore I wish to make my chacacter  have a type of split personality along with some kind of condition that  makes her seem cold and zone out with some coughing. Is this possible?


Next I'd like  some advice  for where to make her homeland. I wish for her to be close to body's of water and deep with rain and stormy weather. She is a seeker of the sun  kitty.

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For rain, storm and water, the first region that comes to mind is La Noscea, especially in the mountains around the volcano. Ingame it translates by North and Upper la Noscea, especially around Oakwood. You also have Bronze Lake here, and the slowly emerging ruins of the ancient city of Nym.


The Shroud is a viable alternative. There is a lot of fresh water running (or not running) around. The weather can be all sorts of things. Ingame, you'll find a lot of thunderstorms in the South Shroud.


Idyllshire is also a possibility, albeit with less thunder but lots of rain. There is also the Thaliak river a little down there, and lots of inundated areas. If you're into an area that we don't know much about and want to be from there, there is the nearby Farreach too, said to be another home for Keepers though.


One last zone, that you'll probably have to find a few explanations for though, would be the rain valleys of Yanxia. Those are very humid, foggy, rainy and sometimes thunder-y (?) areas where rice is cultivated on paddy fields and terraces, all embedded into steep valleys. The main issue is that miqo'te don't seem very native to the Far East regions, and probably very hard and unusual to find in such isolated countryside. Maybe they're from foreigner traders settled in nearby Doma? Maybe they came with Garlemald?

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Thanks for that I was debating on Garlemald empire  or shroud some place.. depending rather i could get the health stuff to work on her and fit.



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Hello fellow dyslexic! 


Now the.. what I use for an explanation of oddity is the echo , that special ability that some people have. But not in any mega-powa! way.


Basically my character has the voices of her mother and grandmother in her head. Either she is insane or her echo effect is that she is linked to them (it's a witch thing). But IC wise who would ever know, she just seems crazy and her personality can shift to either of them in a Crone, Mother Maiden way. 

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