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Tools for playing music in-game!

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So in Hyperion I tend to play a lot of venues as a performing bard. I got so busy i decided to make a program to make this easier so ANYONE can potentially be a RP performing Bard. I wrote a program called MacroMusicUI (Soon to be rebranded as Mooey). It allows perfectly timed musical playback based on digital MusicXML sheet music files. I'm adding in more import formats such as MuseScore. Right now GuitarPro5 is the preferred MusicXML exporter, but it works okay with MuseScore MusicXML exports.


If you are interested in taking your RP events to new heights check it out: http://seksys.site/

Here's a video demo of an older version of the app: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvHzWritODE

And a video of "Band Mode": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRJ3_5XVJoM


There is a discord for users of the app, and some users share their scores. The app supports networking so you can sync multiple players together with some careful sync delays. There's even an "Emote Mode" for a front-person to sing lyrics and do emotes (but its still in development and uses fixed emotes). If you want to see a demo theres videos on the website, or if you are in Hyperion I can do an impromptu show/demo.

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