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Dwassyith Swanra

omega [Omega] Looking for criminal contacts! (Dark/Mature RP)

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Hello everyone!

I'm here writing this thread because we're looking for new criminal-inclined contacts, both for FC-recruitment purposes as well as simple RP outside our FC. :D We would like to find like-minded roleplayers with a taste for the dark and the gritty, in particular people who give a lot of weight to Storytelling rather than just casual/tavern/social RP. By all means, the latter is more than fine and it's a true pleasure from time to time, but we are looking for more story-driven characters. :) Mind you, your character doesn't necessarily have to be a full-fledged criminal! Even just something along the lines of a "shady trader" or an "unethical mercenary" can be exactly what we're looking for.

Excellent OOC attitude is absolutely required, especially when mature/dark themes are handled. We give it such paramount importance, for dealing with adult RPers with a steady emotional maturity and the right amount of detachment tends to be the best course of action.

Again, it can be for FC recruitment purposes as well as just outside-contacts, so don't feel forced to apply to our FC even if you feel a tingle of interest towards this. RP can happen even without a FC tag. All that's needed is the will to make it happen, and the interest to keep it going.
In case you would like to have a look at the kind of RP we're precisely looking for, you could toss a look at our main page:


If you rather just have a chat with me on Discord, feel free to add: Dwassyith#1278

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