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[Mateus] Druid/Healer Au Ra looking for IC connections and Para+ RPers!

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The world of Eorzea is large and wide, and those of all walks of life come and go.

Within the forests of South Shroud has a hermit of a raen made herself known;

trailing within the world to find new beginnings and experiences.


Greetings and well wishes!


I am looking for long term companions and any connections for a natural growth and blooming of a healer experiencing the world first hand!

My taste is rather easy to please as long as someone is interested in interacting with a more mysterious and hushed soul.

All themes are welcome and I am not picky -- I am just looking for more people to interact with in general to see what kind of story I can build and to see how connections will help my character grow out of her closed off shell.


I also find myself interested in anyone who might relate to her; botanists, Wildwoods, Shamans, religious figures.

Those who have a connection with nature and the forests themselves, and those who bury themselves in a religious or philosophical belief. 


Detailed writing is a huge part of this character for she expresses herself through a lot of thoughts and body language so I tend to write a lot.
Finding other writers who are willing to go more than one-liners are also sought out!

I understand not a lot of people post too much in public events or in taverns, so I figured here is a good place to look for like-minds and to get my word-smith mind fed!


Feel free to message me here if interested in meeting, or add me in game and approach me under the name:

Tenshi Midoriko.


In the end: everyone and anyone is welcome and I would love to meet you!





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You're more than welcome to check out Uranami Onsen. 
Thursdays we are rather busy with our event night; but we are open and a lot more quiet from Tues-Saturday. 
Might be able to find some connections there. :)http://uranami-onsen.tumblr.com

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Oh, I think my Tenmei might get along quite well with her!. Mei is a healer, versed in many forms but always opts for natural remedies if possible. She's close to the land, and sensitive to the subtle undercurrents that often go unnoticed by the general populace. 


I am just recently returned to the game and trying to play catch-up on everything but I am looking for a few RP friends. 

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