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Wandering warrior searching for serenity

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Hello everyone!


I'm new to the forums, and somewhat to FFXIV, with one Level 60 character currently, others being worked on. At the time of writing this, I'm about halfway through Heavensward content, and geared pretty well.


I've got about 14 years of MMORPG experience, all of that also including RP, say, 10 of it quite heavy, across multiple games / virtual worlds.


RL, I'm a Linux sysadmin for a hobby, and a Jr. Technical Writer for an international hardware / software infrastructure solutions company.


Spoiler Free character info:


My main character, and the only that I am RPing at this time anyway, is named Fraz Melis. Fraz is a Seeker, although born in Gridania despite the backwardsness of the occurrence. However, at a very young age, Fraz lost both of his parents, and was left on his own. Various families took him in over the years, but they either couldn't care for him long term, or were unable to cope with his behavior as a troubled youth. When he was in his pre-teenage years, Fraz left for good and went into the forests, where he lived on his own (save rare occurrences of going into towns to seek repairs or supplies) for the majority of his life since. Choosing the life of a wanderer, Fraz cares very little for most material things, save sturdy armor, a sharp weapon, and his flask that he keeps stocked with whiskey at almost all times. His goal in life, is to wander all of Hydaelyn in search of what he would call, "The most beautiful place to sit down and have a drink, in existence."


Personality wise, Fraz is generally easy to get along with, friendly, flirtatious and charming, but also stubborn and strong willed, who could be related to the wind; never being held back when he wants to go somewhere or do something. Physically he is tall, with bright green eyes, and shining white hair, and wears strong black heavy-armor, wielding a very large axe he has named "Remorse."


I'm not always RPing at this time when online due to needing to finish all the MSQ content for the two expansions, and I'm also interested in running raids on the side, but I am RPing often and put my RP tag on when doing so.


My Search info says:


All RP
 WU/T=<3 (tell if I miss WU)
RP Tag = IC
No Tag = OOC


I'm on Balmung.


I guess that sums it all up, feel free to add me up, or find me for RP!



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