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What we're looking for & How AABoarding Works!

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First and foremost: every character type, race, and sexual preference is welcome, within reason. Crafters, mercenaries, clan or tribal types,

Aldentale is designed to have a place for everything and anything short of Garlean loyalist characters, and even then there are exceptions and antagonists needed, right? Smaller and family/clan/group stories aside, Eorzea, Gyr Abania and Doma are all at war with Garlemald at current. That said, any Garlean loyalists while welcome, would be a group apart from the rest of the FC and considered antagonistic until otherwise stated. We just ask that if you intend to play an antagonist that you make sure to state it when you apply, or with which character.

While right now we only have three 'group' types to start new members off in and a few members, as we grow; we hope to expand the number and perhaps even shift leadership of some of those existing groups to other players!

We also do not intend to stay solely inner-FC oriented! We will be attending others' events, and be taking 'jobs' from outside the company on a regular basis when possible.

So how does that work, and where do you fit in?

Whether you're joining our FC or looking to hire us in character; or just make connections: the first best step you can take is to join our discord at this link: https://discord.gg/Pet4HXz

The nice thing about discord, is that we don't have to be online in order to get your messages; and can respond as soon as we're able. As many of us have alts we play and roleplay regilarly, this is a more reliable form of communication coming in, whether you're here to join or to hire. If we don't get back to you right away, be patient; most of us are on daily but also work! We'll get to your response as soon as we can!

If you're looking to become a member, application is simple: Drop into discord, let us know you're interested; and with what character: we'll talk a little about them OOC to get an idea who they'll be working with the most and what initial group they'll be with. From there we'll follow through in game with an introduction or interview RP to get you situated in character too!

If you want to hire us for a co-op event or just because: Pretty much the same as above, discord is a must for inter-FC communication! We just need a general outline of the job, where to meet you in game and what characters to look for to start! Please have a look at our rules page to understand both how we work on this side of teh brackets as well as see some of teh jobs we -won't- take; and have at least a rough outline of story done for our admins so we can keep track of our end too: including a basic do and don't list (things like don't abuse this npc, guard this person until x happens, or bring this item to X place that kind of thing.)

That said just to cover the few things we do don't do for jobs IC:

             1. No primals, no Ascians, very few higher voidsent.
                   Primals and tempering are a real threat in the world our characters live in; the only known cure for                      
                   tempering is death. Ascians are on the same level and sketchy; we don't mess with that. Higher
                   voidsent is something we'll do, but not on a regular basis, so please check first.

             2. No fantasia RP, few extreme makeover jobs.
                    This one's a no brainer: fantasia is a game service, and is not recognized as something to be RPed
                    outright here. There are ways around this, but they are difficult to explain in RP, especially
                    changing races. We try to avoid these unless they have a solid, believable explanation.

             3. No major cannon characters.
                            Knowing about them is one thing, but we don't play, or play opposite of major cast roles from
                            the world, such as the Scions, Grand Company or City State leadership. If you are hiring and
                            choose to include us in an RP of yours involving these characters, give us a heads up ahead of
                            time so we can minimalize and adjust contact with that element please.

Otherwise, we take all jobs. Caravan, crafting, mercenary, spy work, curses, research, and even at times thieving, dungeoning.. just about everything and anything else you can think of.

When I join.. how do jobs work? What's the process?
         First your character would be set with a starter group after or during their interview! Each starter group has it's own specialties and feel.

Ferret and Nhagi's group is fairly well rounded and run by the male Keepers of the Sleeping Panther clan. Those uncertain and still trying to figure out their place will probably end up in their group. Those interested in joining the clan or existing clan members, interested in management or starting their own group, if not forwarding the Company's growth or intending to do research, usually stay in this category.

Lan and Mishinko's group deals with the grey area jobs and occupations: from organizing street fights, thievery, smuggling, gambling both legal and illegal, spy work, to high end prostitution, drugs and more. Most with those kinds of skills and connections tend to end up with them; Landgrent often handling the Eorzean side of things while Mishinko handles the far east and runs his own theatres as taikomochi (Male original version of Geisha or in Hydaelyn they're called Geika, for those unfamiliar.)

Drax's Group is merchant and crafter; with a heavy Mercenary overtones. Much of what they sell in the shop upstairs is either made by the members, or brought back from varied locales by the Mercenary end of the grouping. Mant mercenaries end up here, along with engineers, and craftspeople.   

There's three kinds of jobs no matter where you land: Company Jobs, External Jobs, and Retroactive jobs.

External Jobs are jobs we're employed to work from outside companies and always dealt with entirely IC. If you get an offer for an external job, this type has to be roughly reviewed and approved by an FC admin, and communication and RP done with the one hiring before moving on it.

Internal Jobs, are those set up entirely by the members of our FC. Anyone can make a job, so long as it stays within our rules and has a rough outline. Inform us if you make one so we can announce it in discord and pin a Job thread you make here in our forum for folks to follow in case something happens and someone gets behind on info, etc.

Retroactive jobs, are jobs that are constantly available and can be taken up IC, but can also be used OOC in certain situations: like character or player absences when you yourself are busy or can't be on.. but your character is still around.

Some jobs will have extra rewards, such as decorations, glamors, and more! So watch the Jobs threads and channel in discord!


We will try to help you with room costs, as well. Our current plot is in Mists, Ward 16 Plot 44.


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