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Unnamed Mercenary

update [7 Oct 2018] Free Company Hall and Linkshell Hall have been reinstated

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Happy Sunday!


As you may have seen, the menubar on the top of the site has been adjusted and the Free Company Hall and Linkshell Hall sections are back!


After a long-enough test period and feedback from users, we've found that while definitely handy, the Club sections were not working as well as we'd hoped for fostering group exposure. Between a smaller section for activity, and strict requirements on what would bump up the activity field, it became more difficult for group listings to make it up on site's main page. Because of this, we're rolling back to our previous method, the Halls!


Now, you may notice they work a little differently from the other forum sections. Here are some of the changes:

  • Prefixes for your server are required - These drive the filters for each section and the menu entries. As before, if/when a server reaches a point where it has the vast majority of entries in the "other" category, we'll build out a section for it with a dedicated prefix and color. (This includes calendars, clubs, and any future sections, as well as friendly-link creation like the other ones.

  • Pin your posts - This has technically been enabled site-wide, but these are the sections where it'll probably be the most useful. Similarly to our old MyBB forums, you can make the first post (or any post!) of your listing pinned to the top. While this isn't on by default as it would force every thread to be treated that way, it does mean if you want to have multiple pinned posts, say, your listing and then a current event handled by another member, you can!

    Look for the  📌 marker to pin your posts!
  • One pre-filled tag, unlimited additional options - To better help with searching, "free company" or "linkshell" will be automatically added to each listing, depending on the section they're in. We encourage you to add other useful tags for your listing like "heavy rp," "adventuring," "magic," and more to help give users a quick idea about what your listing has to offer. These are also searchable!



  1. If I had an old listing that was chronicled, can it be put back?
    Absolutely! Please get in touch with a staff member and provide them the link and we'll get it moved for you. Moved threads will still need to have a prefix added, which the staff member may do for you.
  2. What happens to the club I've made for my listing?
    Nothing! Clubs won't be going away, but have been transitioned to a new spot on our navigation menu. As they still work great for hosting small user-created subcommunities, we'd love to see you continue to use them if they fit your needs. If you already had a list-like post in your club, a staff member can help get it copied/moved to the reinstated halls if you'd like. 

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