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Berrod Armstrong

The Astral Advent is recruiting!

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The time has come to add some new blood to our ranks  (and to the walls and floor, depending…)! 


What is the Astral Advent, you ask? We’re an adventuring Free Company that operates out of the Goblet in Thanalan, with the blessing of the Adventurer’s Guild. We got into trouble a lot – hell, our old Company was shut down because of it, but things are looking bright going forward! We’ll probably still get into trouble, but not the kind that involves mass unemployment. Maybe death, but at least you’d have died employed! No risk, no reward, so the adventurers say. 


We’ve had several adventures over the years, some of them lasted a couple weeks, while others have lasted moons. We’ve lost people along the way, good souls – but they’re never forgotten. It’s a part of the lifestyle, really…and if you hone your skills and keep your wits about you, it’s unlikely that you’ll meet that fate.


We’re all inclusive in the sense that we are able to provide everything an adventurer needs once they complete jobs for us, and very inclusive regarding who we allow within our ranks. Of course – we have our limits. Void-touched, void-possessed, and pure-blooded Garleans need not apply. Sorry Garlean folks, while the company would be an ideal place for Garlean deserters, we’re obligated to forward those to the Eorzean Alliance so that those cases can be handled properly and transparently. We can’t ignore the political climate out there. Repatriated conscripts will be looked at on a case-by-case basis. Outside of the aforementioned, we’re pretty welcoming!


I can imagine the leadership of the company cringing at that recruitment spiel…granted, it does set the tone. But yes! We’re recruiting. We’re looking for roleplayers on Balmung who enjoy a mix of slice-of-life and thrilling adventure, as well as interacting with a bunch of meme loving fuckssprightly individuals who are often eager to jump at the roleplay presented to them! We’ve recently ended our latest story arc, End of Agent  which involved the destruction and shut-down of the old Astral Agency and the birth of the Astral Advent.


The semi-IC portion gave a glance into what we are, but I feel the need to point out what we are not. Despite some opinions and impressions, we are not a ‘Bara’ or ERP FC. Take a look at the FC blog! You can get a decent idea of the kind of stuff we do. We have a heavy LGBTQIA presence, sure but – that just kind of happens when people from all over come together to play a game. We just have all sorts, and welcome all sorts.


But oh no! Maybe you’ve heard we’ve had drama! A roleplay FC? Drama? In almost five years of operation? WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS LIE? GOTTA HIRE A HITMAN. Yes, we’ve had drama, and we have dealt with it as we saw fit, so it goes in a roleplay FC. The good news! The drama is rare! The better news? Half the time the drama doesn’t actually have anything to do with what is actually going on in the FC, and is only hearsay! I’m sure a lot of you know what that’s like. Sometimes people don’t like the way we do things – and that’s fine. There’s so much else out there to choose from! This is kind of a  weird paragraph to have in a recruitment post, but honestly I feel like its something that should be said.


BACK TO THE FUN STUFF. If you’re interested in recruitment, you can follow the link at the top of the blog to our application. It is a bit involved, but we honestly WANT TO ROOT OUT THE WEAKLINGS just want to make sure that people find the fit that they’re looking for. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a message here, or contact Berrod Armstrong, Sarij Rahzersyn or Cerina Borlaaq in game.

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