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balmung Black Griffin Adventuring Company

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A company that was once run by two Ala Mhigans who felt their glory years had passed. They retired and, with them, the company did as well. Ownership of the company plot and rights to act as a free company passed hands for some time until, finally, it landed in the hands of Aedan Blacke.

Aedan, as a friend of the original owner of Black Griffin Adventuring Company, sought to restore the company to its former glory. As such, he met with the original owner, learned the tricks of the trade, dusted the cobwebs out of the house, met with contacts to begin gathering work, and opened the doors.

As such, Black Griffin Adventuring Company had been reborn....



Black Griffin is a company of fun-loving adults that want to have a good time playing all aspects of the game together. As a company, we strive to offer an immersive and fun environment for RP, PvE, and even PvP should the player so desire.


A Home for a Broad Spectrum of Characters
Black Griffin is a company that was founded to fill what we thought was a hole in the community: a lore-abiding company that offered both adventuring and slice of life for all that joined. The company not only offers adventuring through the use of the house's leveboard and contracts, but also a social atmosphere for both company members and their friends to gather. The large majority of our events will have an adventuring theme much like one would pick up from the Adventurer's Guilds and Grand Companies around the game and, as such, will take place out in the open world. 


Adventurers, not Warriors of Light
As a company we tend to run what some might consider "lower power level" characters. What this means is that our characters are not paragons of their chosen fields. While they may well be skilled in what they do, they are not capable of leveling mountains, taking on small armies on their own, or creating craters with their powers. We like for everyone to share the spotlight while telling stories, not for one invincible character to shine brighter than all others.


We're a company that offers transparency from the officer core. All things done by the officer core will be known to every member of the company. We do this for two reasons:

  1. We wish for this to be a company made by every individual member, not just a select few people with the powers to kick, invite and promote.
  2. Anything done by the officers is not meant to be secretive.


If and when a decision is made, a post to inform every member of the company will follow. The post may not be verbatim what the officers said during their discussions, but it will contain every pertinent detail.

This also includes our applications. All applications submitted to our company are viewable by every member of the company as we value their input on the potential applicant as well.

Casual Atmosphere
Looking over the various posts in the forum might give the impression that we're overly serious about everything. We're not. While we do like particular themes and environments for our RP, such as particular lore and "realism" standards, we still take a casual approach to it all.

We're not looking to be a huge company filled to the brim with hundreds of players. Our aim in making this company was to provide a home for like-minded people that wanted casual-paced RP, based in lore and "realism". As such, we will never really have any large recruitment drives in the hopes of grabbing tons and tons of people, but will instead use the occasional party finder post and pokes in whispers here and there.

This casual nature also flows into our event planning. We all have lives outside of the game and use this game as a way to de-stress and "escape". Having to worry over having weekly events and the like doesn't do much to serve that purpose. As such, while officer-led events will happen, they may not be on a weekly basis.

We're just here to play the game as a group, enjoy some RP along the way, and get phat lewts from punching pixels.

All Aspects of the Game
We're a group that loves all aspects of the game, not just the RP. So, often times, you'll find many of us running dungeons and raids, pulling together groups to make money doing treasure maps, and sometimes getting together to grind out wolf marks for those sweet sweet PvP glamours (and sometimes achievements).

To help facilitate this, the company has a discord that all members (and their friends, within reason) are invited to upon invitation to the company. The discord is often used to remind members of upcoming events, as a way of communication between members for both general conversation and RP when otherwise unable to get on the game, and has several voice channels to accommodate any number of groups in the game at the same time.

Discord is never required, but is certainly highly encouraged. You'll often see members sitting in the general voice channel just "shooting the shit" together.

To visit our company site or for more information about our company policy, click here!

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((Copying this over from the clubs section.))

October 5, 2018


Another month, another update!


First off,  again, we had some more members join our roster since the last update. A warm welcome to them and we look forward to making them a part of our family!


Due to the sheer number of members we have accumulated, the leadership has decided to temporarily close our recruitment. What this means is that, for an undetermined amount of time (likely just a month at most), we will not be accepting new members into our company. However, during this time, people are still welcome to submit applications on our site and, once we open up recruitment once more (and we will, I promise!), we will go through the applications in the order that they were submitted.


Personal and company story arcs are still going strong. And our leve system is seeing plenty of action as RP opportunities in between weekly events. We also have a "spooky times" optional event starting up as a celebration of All Saints' Wake.


PvE is still going strong, especially with the latest patch giving us even more content to beat down. We're still coming together to farm tomes, pieces from omega, and even having map nights as a company.


So, for the time being, our recruitment is closed, but it is only temporary and will open again in the future! Please do still feel free to visit our site to see what we're up to and to submit an application if you would like to be considered for membership once our recruitment opens back up!

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October 22, 2018


A quick update simply to say...:


Our doors are open once more!  After some time getting to know new faces, and doing a bit of spring cleaning of inactive ones, we feel confident in opening our doors once more to new members! As mentioned before, we're looking for those adventurous characters that wish to take on jobs that may well be a bit harder than your typical leve, but also pays higher than a typical leve would as well! 


Still going strong with personal and company stories, with room for more! We tend to hold officer-led events weekly and welcome any member, be they two minutes new or an old veteran from the founding of the company, to run events of their own as well!


And PvE is still a thing, pushing through raids and dungeons for tomes and gear as well as the map nights for the gil!


So, for lore-abiding, adventure-themed RP... look no further. Peruse our company site and perhaps give us a shot!

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October 31, 2018


Another October update! Busy month!


First off,  a Happy Halloween to those who celebrate! Stay safe out there and enjoy your candy from strangers!


We've had another large influx of new recruits and applications since opening our doors once more barely even a week back. As such, the leadership has decided to temporarily close our recruitment. What this means is that, for an undetermined amount of time (probably closer to a month this time), we will not be accepting new members into our company. That being said, with the newest additions, we are reaching a number that is fast approaching a "hard cap". We don't have a specific number in mind, but we wish to avoid becoming too big to avoid the possibility of members being last in a sea of faces. As such, our recruitment may remain closed for a decent amount of time. People are still welcome to submit applications on our site if our company seems like the perfect place for you, but we will not be considering any of them until we lift this "hiring freeze".


The rest remains the same. Pushing on with company events and personal stories, while also enjoying the PvE and other aspects the game has to offer!


So, for the time being, our recruitment is closed. Please do still feel free to visit our site to see what we're up to and to submit an application if you would like to be considered for membership if and when our recruitment opens back up!

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November 20, 2018


Back at it with another update!


To start, a happy Thanksgiving to those that celebrate! Careful not to be trampled during the Black Friday madness!


We've decided to open our doors once more! That's right, recruitment is back on! We are looking for people with characters that would fit into an adventuring-themed free company. Lore-abiding, organic, "down to earth" RP is what we offer. We are looking for people who are interested in joining and being active beyond just their interview to get into the company. People that make an attempt to sign on at the very least once a week and attempt to interact with the company and its members in the game during that time.


PvE is still a thing! Be it farming tomes to cap every week, or grabbing gear from Omega, maps, HoH, or even going into Eureka for the content (and drops) found in there! We have a group of people that love to be involved with this aspect of the game as well as RP and are always happy to have more join in!


So if you have a character that would fit the adventuring theme, looking for harder jobs for better pay... and if you also enjoy the PvE (and PvP) side of the game as well as RP, you might just give us a try! Head to our site to learn more about us and apply if all looks good.

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December 29, 2018


Another month (and change) has gone by... time for another update!


To start, the holidays are close to coming to a close! I hope that everyone that celebrated had a good one and wish every one a happy new year in the coming days!


Our doors remain open to new recruits! We've had a few new faces join our ranks since our last update and we still have room for a few more. As before, we're looking for characters that would fit into an adventuring themed company that is lore-abiding, organic,  and "down to earth" with its RP. We're looking for people that make an effort to make themselves a part of the company. We are opening and welcoming, but the recruits do have to come that other 50%.


With regard to RP, we just had a major personal story that bloomed into a company story wrap up. A lot of character development was had (and still continues), and we're ready to move on to our next big story... that can be led by any member of the company! For those that prefer to stay away from large stories, or are just looking for RP between events, our leve system is still going strong and seeing plenty of action!


A group that enjoys beating up pixels! PvE is still something we all enjoy doing together. Map nights, tome farming, farming coins from the Ivalice raids for the upcoming tome gear upgrades. We even strive to help out those members that aren't at end game level content yet, offering to help them with runs (either at level or crushing it with "undersized parties", their choice).


So, as before, if all mentioned above has piqued your interest, I suggest hopping on over to our company site to see the details in full on who and what we are (and potentially apply if you like what you see)! 

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January 2, 2019


Just a short update seeing as it's so close to our previous one.


We've had an influx of applications and recruits join our company over the past little bit. It has always been our goal to make each member feel like an integral part of the company, and not just a number in a sea of faces. As such, to better facilitate this effort, we are putting our recruitment on hold for a short while. Generally, these hiring freezes last around 2 weeks. During this time, people are still welcome to visit the site and put in an application, however the application won't be considered for recruitment until after the hiring freeze is lifted.


So! If you were looking to join us, don't let this news dissuade you! We will be open again in the near future!

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January 20, 2019


An update with a little more content to it this time.


First off, our recruitment is back to being open. We've spent some time with our new recruits and are open to adding a few more names to our roster. That being said, we are beginning to reach a number of members (as in separate accounts) that is approaching our as of yet undefined "hard cap" of members we would like to have in our company. As such, we only have a few slots left in our roster before we close up recruitment for a more prolonged time.


The reasoning behind this is our desire to remain relatively small in order to facilitate a more close-knit kinship among all members, rather than having a large player base where no one knows another... essentially making a member a number among of sea of faces rather than a treasured individual.


So, if you have an adventure-seeking character, would like to join a company that sticks to the lore, has organic, realistic, "down-to-earth" roleplay, we might be the one for you!



In terms of where our RP is currently at, we've fairly recently just wrapped up a member's personal story that ended up involving a large amount of other members of the company (by their choice). As such, the personal story became akin to that of an overarching company story. A lot of character development and changes have occured and still continue to do so. Our weekly events and leve system is picking back up now that everyone is finally starting to return from their various vacation trips and the like and we're going strong!



PvE-wise we're still digging into content. With the latest patch a lot of our members are, not surprisingly, going hard into blue mage. We've also run all of the new content together and continue to do so to farm tomes and gear alike. We have begun plans to add events to our event calendar for blue mage runs, as well as other PvE nights such as pony/bird/dog farms, map nights, savage clearing, etc.



So, if everything mentioned above has piqued your interest, hop on over to our site for a more detailed description of what all we're about. And, if still interested after that, toss up an application!

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February 17, 2019


Our recruitment status is temporarily closed. With the newest expansion to the game coming out soon(ish), we wish to hold off on recruiting for the time being. We may open it up once more prior to Shadowbringers' launch, but we make no promises.


Any applications that have been submitted and are currently pending an interview as of the time of this post will still be considered for approval and invite. Any application submitted after this point will be put on hold until our recruitment opens up once more. 


If you are still interested in joining during this 'hiring freeze', you are welcome to submit an application for consideration when we do open things back up.

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Posted (edited)

March 30, 2019


It has been some time since we've updated, eh? Close to two months, whew...


After careful consideration of the information given at the latest fan fest and the final bit of MSQ for this expansion, we have decided to reopen our doors to recruits. That's right, we are once again looking for people with characters that would fit the lore-abiding, organic, "down to earth" roleplay that our company has to offer.


A few changes to our policies have been made, but nothing overly drastic. Our company still runs the same overall!


A few of us have retired old characters and brought in new ones in order to accommodate the potential need for... well, something a little more special in the coming expansion. (Trying to keep it spoiler free here. :P )


A Quick Bulleted list of what we're looking for (because we all love bulleted lists!):

  • Lore-abiding, adventure-themed characters
  • Players that show initiative and do not expect to been spoon fed RP on a silver platter 
  • Players that enjoy hanging out with other nerds playing pretendy fun times and beating up pixels for loot.

As of right now, our peak activity time still remains within the 6:30 PM to 10:30 PM CST window, though we do have a few members that pop on from time to time during other times of the day.


Beyond all of that, we are still keeping on keeping on as we have been. RP and PvE are our main focuses, with a little sprinkle of PvP here and there every now and again.


So, if you're looking for a place to call home, in which to get settled before the new expansion comes out with a character that matches what we're looking for, consider hopping on over to our company site and looking through the information found there and, if all is to your liking, toss up an application!


Happy hunting and see you in game!

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May 6, 2019


Time has gotten away from me once more! We are still here and doing our thing, and still open and looking for new recruits.


What we offer:

  • Lore-abiding RP. We do our best to stick to the lore provided to us by SE through the game, lore books, and various other media (lore panels, fan fest, etc.) with regard to our characters and our events. 
  • Organic RP. The large majority of our RP is unscripted. What happens is a consequence of the choices made by the characters during the RP.
  • Adventure-themed RP. Our company theme is adventuring and we delve into all aspects of the word... be it through our leve system, treasure hunting, or other contracts.
  • Slice of life RP. While certainly not our focus, it is still something that happens. After all, adventurers can't be adventuring every single minute of every single day. Down time between jobs often lends itself to character building through tavern nights, beach parties, or various other sporadic RP.
  • A place where every character makes a difference. No one character is in the spotlight in this company. We strive to make the company compatible to all stories that enter it, allowing every member to share their story with us and lead us through their tale as well.
  • A place where every player can make a difference. We believe in the idea of a company made by its members, not by the officers. Every member counts and the leadership is constantly asking for feedback and suggestions on how to improve everything the company does.
  • A company that loves to do PvE as well as RP. We have weekly map runs for the loot and money. We often get groups together to run dungeons and raids, old content farming for mounts and the like. (PvP happens, too, but to a far lesser extent. Generally, though, if someone asks... they'll likely get a few bites of people willing to join in for some PvP)


What we're looking for:

  • The obvious, for one. We are looking for players and characters that fit into all that was listed above in what we offer.
  • Players that show initiative. We are looking for players that actively seek to be... well... active. Seeking to join in and start RP. Looking to form groups for various content. Even leading their own events should they desire. Players that join in the hopes of being spoon fed RP and PvE will be sorely disappointed.
  • Fun loving individuals that just want to hang out with other nerds and do things in this game together.


Our doors are still open as mentioned above, so if you're looking for a place to call home and for friends to hang out with while enjoying the new content in the upcoming expansion, perhaps consider joining us. As always, please visit our company site at blackgriffin.enjin.com for more detailed information about how things run in our company. And should you have any questions, seek out Kaelen Tanner or Daphine Rysen in game, on our company site, or even here on the RPC.


Happy hunting and see you in game!

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Posted (edited)

June 10, 2019


Another month come and gone... time for an update!


I feel as though copy-pasting the bulleted list from the previous post is a bit cheaty, so I will instead say that you should definitely take a look at it. It's easy, just scroll up a liiiiittle bit. :P


On a more serious note, we are all excited for the upcoming expansion and all of the changes it brings. New zones to (potentially) roleplay in, new glamours, new dungeons, new raids, new classes, new races. Exciting!


We are still open to new recruits joining the fray. So, if you are eager to join a lore-abiding, organic, adventure-themed roleplaying company. Consider giving us a try. Our most active hours are generally from about 6:30 PM CST to 10:00 PM CST, though we do have members that hop on throughout the day. We pride ourselves on being a company made by its members, not by the few people in power that are able to promote and kick members. Every character that joins our ranks has a chance to shine and share their story. The only catch is that the player needs to make it happen. We are not a company for people that expect to be spoon fed RP.


PvE-wise, we've been enjoying our weekly map runs in an effort to get some gil accumulated. We also delve into raids and dungeons and the like as a group, especially here lately with the moogle tomes event! 


A note to be made regarding the mixture of RP and PvE, and the upcoming expansion: As I'm sure will be the case with a number of companies and individual players, a small drop off of RP will most likely happen for the first few weeks of the expansion within our company as our players focus on consuming all that there is to do. Once players start hitting the new level cap and the like, RP will likely shoot back up again (and will hopefully include the new zones, lore willing!). 


So, if you like what you've read thus far and think it might be a good fit, I encourage you to hop over to our company site for the full spread of details on how we operate: http://blackgriffin.enjin.com . If you like all that you see, toss up an application and we'll get with you ASAP. If you should have any questions, seek out Kaelen Tanner, Daphine Rysen, or Ryuji Akagane in game, on our site, or here on the RPC.


Happy hunting!

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