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Admiah Kreiston

Sable Tree's Lost Light Labyrinth

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Join the Sable Tree Company for two frightening nights of festivities and delves into a haunted labyrinth!

UPDATE 10/20:

While the maze will be open on 10/20, 5pm PDT-9pm PDT, guests are asked to send an in-game /tell to Admiah Kreiston or Veyha Yanjahl upon arrival to take part in the maze! There will be NO costume contest, food/beverage service or outdoor games on this day of the event!




Welcome to The Sable Tree Company's third All Saints' Wake celebration! Come visit our garden for a relaxed All Saint’s Wake party, or perhaps even brave the depths of the Lost Light Labyrinth, a twisting maze constructed by our own with the macabre nature of the night in mind! Bring forth your holiday cheer, don your costumes for the evening, and share with us a moon of music, food and wine! Will you dare explore the twists and turns of our Labyrinth, and find the treasure at the end?


The Sable Tree Company will be hosting a public event on Balmung this October 19th and 20th, starting at 5pm PDT. The event will be consisting of an evening party and a synchronous maze event, both happening at the garden of the FC's headquarters. At 7pm PDT on both days we will also be holding a costume contest! As this is an IC-only event, keeping your costume IC is recommended, but those looking to only enter the labyrinth or simply enjoy the evening with us are more than welcome to don what they please! The top 3 costumes will be rewarded with special prizes!

If you would like to take part in the costume contest on the date of the event, please let Veyha Yanjahl or Admiah Kreiston either ICly or via /tell OOCly. Entrants will be taken from 5pm PDT until 7pm PDT. Similarly, if you wish to inquire about anything please get in touch with either of us, as we would be more than happy to discuss anything you wish! This event will officially run until 9pm PDT; Revelers are more than welcome to stay and roleplay for the rest of the evening!


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Our menu of seasonal delight to be served at the event tonight can be found Here

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Schedule for 10/20 altered; Update on initial post!

And thank you to EVERYONE who came yesterday! We had a phenomenal turn-out and had a frightfully fantastic time enjoying the scary season with all of you!

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