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balmung EBONGUARD - A Criminal Networking LS

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They have changed banners and names ceaselessly over the years, each as inevitably fleeting as the last. No name is or was particularly memorable and what name was used to refer to the network as a whole, in the times of the Old Guard, was an easy way to tell what faction someone belonged to. Divided, united, the network once burgeoned and and thrived in the various sects of the Eorzean underworld. With no central authority and no one willing to step in to claim the mantle of ‘leader’—perhaps simply because more people liked having no central authority or rules that they had to obey—it allowed room for all sorts of people to gain access to the network.

Mob bosses. Murderers. And thieves.

EBONGUARD is a lore-compliant hybrid IC/OOC criminal network linkshell on Balmung. While oriented primarily toward morally-ambiguous lawbreakers, the linkshell is open for any interested parties to join—after all, picking up the telltale black linkpearls is a simple enough task in and of itself…


Ebonguard being a hybrid IC/OOC linkshell means basically: the linkshell is meant as an in-character means of communication and exists on an in-character level (as does the network itself), but OOC chatter is not only allowed but encouraged! While the linkshell has a Discord that all members are required to join in order to maintain membership in the in-game linkshell (as our Discord is where major announcements and the like are posted). having an OOC channel in-game is important for organizing and communicating with each other.


However, RP over the LS takes precedence over OOC chatter, so members are expected to be polite and respectful if there is a shift toward IC happenings in the channel.


Ebonguard is a criminal network LS, but it’s open for characters of all persuasions and alignments to join due to the fact that, well, it’s an actual linkpearl from an in-character standpoint. As a result, there’s no real restrictions on the sorts of characters we’ll accept. Anything that fits within the scope of the lore goes! 


This doesn’t mean that every applicant will be accepted into the linkshell, though, since the linkshell itself tends more toward grounded characters with fantastical elements in the background, as opposed to characters who spend every night trying to take over the world or signing a new Void pact.


Due to the nature of the network, there’s no IC power structure, and so characters who fulfill any sort of role or archetype are welcome, from information brokers to honest thieves to sellswords and beyond.


Ebonguard has over the course of its run, done story-driven events, criminal shenanigans such as heists and cons, and social events geared toward letting members of the network get to know each other. We are currently looking at getting a longer DMed story going for the LS; for updates about it and to see what has been done so far, check out our scenario tag!


The Cloak & Dagger is run by the leader of the linkshell and is intended to provide a hub for the linkshell members to use as they wish. It is located at The Goblet Ward 11 Plot 55 and is currently looking for volunteers who are interested in helping to run a public event on a roughly-monthly basis on Sundays (as schedules allow). For more information, please see this post! The venue is open for public use at all times regardless of membership status.


We would love to have the chance to collaborate with other groups, especially other crime-centered groups regardless of whether that’re free companies or linkshells. If you are interested in bringing Ebonguard along for a plot you’re interested in running or if you are interested in collaborating with a plot that Ebonguard is running, then contact us and we’ll see how best to work things so that everyone can have fun! (And toss you a link to the Discord.) 


The officers of Ebonguard are willing and capable of answering any questions! We are:

  • Leonnaux Altoix (contact first if possible)
  • Aran Aethersmith/Lucien Korbinius
  • Edda Vincents
  • Gwannes Oskwell


Additionally, you can contact us directly through the Ebonguard tumblr.


We also have a club here on the RPC that houses updates prior to the Linkshell Hall being reinstated and our Crime of Opportunity prompts, which are prompts that we post to our Tumblr biweekly. They are free for anyone to use regardless of whether they're part of the linkshell or not, and they're free to be used however people see fit, so if you see one you like don't be afraid to take one!



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Is this still an active and working LS? Would love to get back into the criminal aspect of Rp with Shaw being a smuggler and all

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50 minutes ago, James Shaw said:

Is this still an active and working LS? Would love to get back into the criminal aspect of Rp with Shaw being a smuggler and all

They are active, last I checked, but not on the RPC. You'll want to contact them through other means.

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