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mateus Uranami Onsen by the Sea <UO-RP>

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Uranami Onsen is an Onsen & Sento Ryokan including an Izakaya (bar), Dry & Wet Saunas, and Wellness Center. 
Please read all rules & etiquette as patrons are expected to understand them in full.
We are currently looking for staff. If you are searching employment please read our “How to Join”.
(OOC Note: We are not an ERP guild.)

Mist; W15//P5
IC Linkshell: UO-RP 
OOC Linkshell: Nitro Brewed

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Further Information in Brief: 

  • Link to Free Company: http://uranami-onsen.tumblr.com
  • Style: RP/PVE
  • Theme: Onsen/Semi-legitimate Business/Yakuza
  • Location: MIST; W15, P5,
  • Hours: Tues-Sat. Sunrise to Sunset. 7:30pm PDT Events on Thursdays.
  • Time-Zone: PST/PDT (We accept all time zones but this is when we are most active). 
  • Events: Thursdays 7:30pm PDT
  • Lore: Lore-Compliant/Lore-Plausible
  • RP Intensity: Medium
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Allegiance: None (Works with Doma, Kugane, Limsa)
  • Age Material: 18+ No ERP (Due to our theme and nature of the FC only 18+ will be accepted)
  • Seeking: Roleplayers & Casual PVErs
  • Who to Contact: Nohni Vhaze (Fox#5907), Ira'to Zeerrha, Oswin Mercer
  • Backgrounds/Description:  

UO-RP is a small, close knit FC focused on Heavy Roleplay & Light PVE. Uranami Onsen prides itself on being a professional and traditional feeling onsen while also providing a relaxed environment for our company members and clients. We also provide general Wellness in the form of shiatsu, acupuncture, divinity, healing, mental-clarity and other forms of body & mind wellness. Uranami Onsen currently hosts Thursday Events starting 7:30pm Pacific which are open to the public. Please come by and try our rare mineral & salt baths!

Even though we are a legitimate business working out of MIST; W15, P5, we do have light-criminal elements in the form of trade in rare salts, minerals and herb via a traditional familial-focused yakuza group; the Arashi-gumi. Should you wish further information concerning our family, please read the Arashi-gumi tab above. Just as our onsen is on the more traditional side; so are we within our yakuza dealings and uphold respect and honor.

We all understand we are busy adults, often working long hours (including the FC leader); so we ask that folks be understanding of this aspect as well. We have a no-tolerance for OOC drama and Metagaming/Godmoding/etc. We have a strict 18+ requirement but stress we are not an ERP FC.

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Our Information & Website has been updated.

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