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Admiah Kreiston

[Balmung] The Sable Ballroom - 10/31/2018 @ 8pm CDT

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The sanguine hum of violins, the sweet taste of wine, the kiss of a costumed stranger beneath Menphina's hallowed light - Can you envision it as the days pass by and the celebration approaches? 

Gather under the Sable Tree for a night of refuge in our first annual All Saints' Wake Ball! Join us on the final eve of the moon, share a drink and dance 'til your slippers break at the heels! Will you encounter your fated half-- or share a pas-de-deux with Lady Death herself?

Should dance and drink not sate your desire, whispers of an auction of relics both curious and occult may lead you up the mansion's ancient steps to partake in a bidding. Is it wise to spend your coin on such haunted trinkets? There's only one way to find out...


On Wednesday, October 31st, from 6pm PDT/8pm CDT/9pm EDT to 10pm PDT/12pm CDT/1am EDT The *Sable Tree Company* will host a ballroom event at our mansion located in p58, w15!

To suit the theme of the evening, the dress code for the ball will be **Frightening Elegance**. In other words, dress to scare in the most chic fashions! 

Sable Tree will provide the music for the evening, playing orchestral tracks through an out-of-game playlist(Playlist site and link TBA). Members of Sable Tree will be joining the crowd to partake in dances as directed by the hosts.

UPDATE: Sable Tree will also be hosting an AUCTION EVENT starting at 8:30pm PDT/11:30pm EDT. We will be offering a variety of relics and magical knickknacks to the highest bidders! 
The items up for bid will be In-Character items sold for In-Character gil ONLY! 

Catering services will be provided by Bar Saisei (tinyurl.com/BarSaisei), who will be offering both food and drink to all attendees!

For any questions  or to express interest in collabing with the event, please contact Veyha Yanjahl (Tachi#5162) or Admiah Kreiston (Ranpuff#0351). We'll be happy to answer whatever you have to ask!

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I've included an update to the original post to include the Auction we'll be holding as well! Looking forward to seeing everyone's spooky formal wear! 👻

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