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Lililero Bibilero

mateus Amber is Recruiting! <A-RP>

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FC Name: Amber Alyssum
Tag: <A-RP>
Leader Name: Lililero Bibilero - The Laladome#8597
FC House Address: Plot 36, 14th Ward, Lavender Beds. (South subdivision teleport)
Type: Adventure
Active Times: 3+ hours typically ranging from 10pm EST to 2AM
2 events every week.
Seeking: Roleplayers from any cut of the cloth.


For all were adventurers, and while we may leave, we always come back.



"May the sun be behind you, and the winds favorable as you travel to a new dawn."
Public knowledge:
A-RP is a company that gives anyone and everyone a home, on the condition they be prepared to do anything and everything. They are a 'for hire' group that will do any job, be it gardening or monster slaying'
Contact: You are welcome to come by the home, or enter our discord
Discord: discord.gg/TWUEWem
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