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mateus [Mateus] LF RP Companions (Individuals or Small Groups)

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After burnout in GW2 and WoW, I have decided to try my hand again at FFXIV with a new start on the Mateus server. This seems to be a good choice as I have come across and been involved with some good roleplay in the three weeks I've been on Mateus. I am an experienced RPer and open to most RP however, keep in mind that I am new to FFXIV and its lore. 


That said, I am looking for more - for that elusive dream of complimentary characters and players of similar style and standards with a desire for long-term RP and meaningful character development. Below is a little more about me, the player, and what I'm looking for. For a more detailed look, see "Rising" in the player directory.

  • Style: I try to have a flowing and adaptable style, something in in between 'rapid-fire' and 'multi-para' posts. I love detail but I don't like to be buried under it. I like to paint enough of a picture that those I'm RPing with have a (fairly) clear idea of what's happening but are not overwhelmed by the minute details. However, sometimes a quick comment or short emote is all that's required to progress the scene. I like to think that I am sensitive to the situation and adjust accordingly.
  • Standard: Even though the FF world is high fantasy, I prefer realism. I prefer characters that are not The Warrior of Light. My characters are normal people that have battled through their circumstances with character and conviction. They've suffered loss, learned lessons, been broken, made mistakes, been redeemed, stood their ground, lost their way, won some and lost some, they've persevered. What my character is, and what I am looking for, are realistic characters - beautifully flawed.
  • Connections Desired:  I'm looking for the whole experience really. I know that no one person can provide that so, ideally I'm looking for group of folks that will be able to mutually contribute to each other's story and character development. Mature and/or dark themes welcomed. 
  • Availability: I play every day and am usually available in the late afternoon and evening. 


My character is a Raen female named Tenmei Kaen. She's a wanderer and could conceivably be most anywhere, though lately she's been around Gridania. I can move her but I have to come up with a legit character reason to do so. You can read a little about her on her page in the wiki

What I'd like for this character:

  • Companions - She's been alone for a long time and really misses having friends.
  • Adventure - She has a love for exploring, for seeing and experiencing new things. 
  • Challenge - Always looking for personal growth, learning new skills and perfecting old. 
  • Significant Friendships - I think it would be neat to have the opportunity to develop a deep friendship with someone. That's something she's not had before as her itinerant lifestyle didn't really give her the time to commit to more than superficial friendships. 
  • Romantic Relationship - Another side effect of the itinerant life is that she's never had a love interest - or at least not one that's had a chance to blossom. 


Possible RP Hooks:

  • She was an itinerant healer in northern mountainous region Othard. Her route took her through the mountains and along the northern reaches of the Azim Steppes. Perhaps your character is a Raen or Hyur that lived in one of the villages she visited or from one of the Xaela tribes that traveled near the foothills.
  • She spent several months with a Dataq tribe.
  • As a healer, she is always keen to learn of local remedies and ingredients. She has a marked preference for natural remedies.
  • As a healer, she is trained in conjury and interested in learning more.
  • She a fondness for animals, and particularly for chocobo's.


That's all I can think of right now. If you're interested in the characters meeting, you can contact me here, in game (Tenmei Kaen) or on discord RisingWolf#7518.


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