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Sohmah Yhaazri

A Roleplayer's Handbook: KoR Edition

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Updated: 10/24/2018 | Previously Renamed from: The Eight Tenants of Not Being a Shithead


This is our general rulebook for roleplaying that we apply to both In Game and Discord RP. These rules can be adjusted as we progress through RP and we do take suggestions on further rules that can be added or taken out.


Any form of GMing is expressedly against regulation. This includes:


1. Retconing - editing a person, place, or thing related to yourself or another player character during an RP session or post publication, all things planning by all members of a thread. These changes have to be discussed and carried out before hand. For example, someone making another player character lose an item or gain an item as a story piece from the Meta directly, is a form of Godmoding. In order to write this correctly, it needs to be dealt with beforehand.


2. Mary Sues/ Gary Stus - A player character who is immeasurably good at seemingly everything. Oftentimes a symptom of a writer being attached to their character, it is easy to fall into this trap. If your character is loved by seemingly the whole planet, has an invincible set of powers, or has plot armor like Jon Snow of Game of Thrones, then unfortunately, this pertains to you, comrade. In order to fix this, having one clear weakness for every strength makes abilities both balanced and more interesting, because it requires more creativity in writing to maximize your move-sets.(edited)


3. RP Etiquette - Making a combat action or an attempt of ill will against a Player Character happen, without a legitimate attempt from the player to counter it. This is a common beginner's mistake, but also very easy to correct. For example, if you want to slam a player character into a table, you must frame it as such. "Jaster swept his feet behind his opponent and drew them back rapidly in an attempt to sweep his feet from under him, while simultaneously reaching for his neck with his right arm, that way he could slam his opponent head first through the table." This way, your opponent has an equal chance not only to counter validly, but to counter attack. The incorrect way of stating a battle action is "Jaster picked up his opponent by his neck after sweeping his feet out from under him, then sent his head through the table behind him." Keep in mind it is also GMing for your character never to take a hit, because while magic is possible in Final Fantasy, being completely avoidable is still GMing.


4. Metagaming - Your character knowing information that he/she shouldn't just because you do. For example, if Curly and Selene have a conversation in Southern Thanalan, yet Jaster is in the Monastery and exhibits firsthand testimony of the conversation, that is Metagaming and is not allowed. Even though we have teleporting capabilities, literally being in two places at once is impossible, especially if you didn't even write anything. Adding on to this, if your player character teleports/shows up to an area where two other characters are because in the Meta, you knew about it, that is also GMing. There has to be a valid reason of knowing AND consent from the players for your player character to be there.


5. FF14 Canon Nobility - If your character backstory is one of royalty, it is imperative that your character is not an actual sitting member of Royalty in the capacity of King, Queen, Prince, or Princess in a faction of FF14 canon. Simply put, if Square Enix wanted to add these characters in any capacity into the game, it would require an insane amount of Retconning to fix it. Instead, your character can be of Noble rank, like a Thane or something of the like. Positions like these are still lofty, take prestige and time in order to acquire, and have benefits. More importantly however, is that there can be any number of these positions, so the addition of one of the same rank as your character in the story will not require major changes to your character or possibly the story itself. If your character's backstory is of Noble Descent, it has to be separate from the capacity of your character. All useable prestigious ranks have to be earned through time and effort, not only to add weight to the Ranks themselves, but to keep them from meaning nothing at all because everyone and their cousin is the King of a different molehill.


6. Jobs - If your character is in a battle, you may use no more than one battle class per engagement. It is not possible to multiclass in the game's combat, so it is also not possible here. Instead, your character can have one main class that he/she is using in a combat engagement, and two supporting classes for using combat techniques (not skills or spells, but instead using your Warrior Training to help your learn how to handle a Greatsword). For Example, Jaster is a Red Mage, with proficiency in both the White Mage and Summoner Jobs. In doing it this way, your character has a set skillset with its own strengths and weaknesses, while still giving plenty of customization options. At the beginning of the engagement, each Player Character will pick a Battle Job from the 3 Active Jobs your character has selected, the other two will support the main one in artistic expression. This only pertains to combat classes, if you are a gatherer or a crafter, go crazy.


7. Lore Deviation – While we do allow for character's to be of different origins than the world of Hydylean, actually using abilities and powers from those universes is a can of worms of a game balancer's nightmares. Instead, if you want to use the powers inherited with a background deviated from canon FF14 lore, you have to travel to the Interdimensional Rift located in the Discord text channels. While it is perfectly fine for your character to hold on to his/her believes of a distant land, it will be treated as your character is fundamentally cut off from their source of that power, and instead can only channel the powers inherent in FF14.


8. Realistic/Balanced Exhaustion – While it is fun to have a two week long battle between rival characters, it is not physically possible to do so. You have to be self conscious of your character's power levels, endurance, and be realistic about it as well. If your character is a Paladin, it is not realistic that he has a higher attack power than a DPS of a comparable level. Also, if the combat engagement has went on for a long amount of time, your character should not be able to still pull off multiple Fire IVs without having to take time to recuperate Mana Points. This also goes for Technique Point based attacks as well. Specific spells and techniques will have cooldowns based on a turn by turn basis in the Player's Handbook when it comes out.


If you want to check out more of our rules and FAQ's, please head on over to our website: https://knightsofredwall.enjin.com

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