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The format to create a biography for your character to add to the Book of Redwall goes as follows, once posted, a mod or admin will work with you to fill out your bio if need be or correct any mistakes:

Copy and Paste the following to help if necessary.






Main Job:


Photo/Faceclaim: (insert here)


Character biographies should be posted in Reply to this topic thread, following the template outlined above.


If you want to check out more of our rules and FAQ's, please head on over to our website: https://knightsofredwall.enjin.com

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Name: Sohmah Yhaazri (Tia); Broodfist (title)

Race: Miqo'te, Seeker of the Sun

Age: 26

Height: 5"5'

Jobs: Monk (Main), Lancer (Secondary)

Personality: Sohmah is a very headstrong individual; he values hard work and always seeks improvement. He harbored a lot of resentment in his younger years towards the Empire and the monetarists of Ul’dah, but his Master, who oversaw his monk training, has helped to teach him to not let such negative feelings control him. While he has grown calmer and learned to not lead with his heart, negative feelings still simmer below the surface hidden by a youthful charm. Very intense emotions tend to catch him off guard and break through the facade he tries to portray. He wants to be strong for others and will never let himself feel helpless again if he can help it. He is very energetic and emphasizes the importance of comrade ire and operating as a cohesive unit. The Knights of Redwall to him is the family he was denied, and he is intensely loyal to those he is close to, especially his Lord Commander. Due to his upbringing, he has not had a very formal education to begin with. He started his education later than most, and learning to read was hard but fulfilling. In his spare time between missions and training, he likes to read books about various topics and attend to his small greenhouse set up in his private estate room.

Backstory: Sohmah does not have many memories of his life in Ala Mhigo; the few he recalls with glaring recognition being the panicked fleeing of the city during the Garlean invasion. His parents having died during the King of Ruin's attack on the Fist of Rhalgr temple, he was orphaned at the age of 1 and was entrusted to a close friend of his parents. Hearing that the Resistance planned on usurping the throne from the mad king, his guardian planned to flee Gyr Abania, but not soon enough. As the Garleans moved in to take over Ala Mhigo during their moment of vulnerability, the two fled the city and their homeland all together. Like many who were not granted asylum in the Black Shroud and Ul’dah, Little Ala Mhigo became his home away from home.

As he grew older, he wished to join the Resistance to take back his home from Garlean rule, but knew that he did not have much to offer in the way of experience. His ambitions brought him to the crown jewel of the desert, Ul’dah, where he joined the pugilist’s guild. He was not alone, a few of his "brothers and sisters" in his refugee camp also had similar dreams of joining the Resistance. But after an Amalj'aa ambush on their way back from Ul'dah, his peers were tempered and Sohmah only escaped with his life through the power of the Echo. He was able to flee the encampment, but was shot with a poisoned arrow and collapsed down the road from Little Ala Mhigo. He only survived by the grace of the Brotherhood of Ash, who found him and healed him back to health. While he was permitted to leave without owing Hamujj Gah, Sohmah returned to learn their ways and train under their fighters. Years of rigorous training given him strength and purpose, but rumors of a Hermit, a former Fist of Rhalgr, whom lived amongst other monks began to circulate within Thanalan. Emboldened by the chance to learn from someone so immersed in Ala Mhigan history, he searched for any leads he could find and eventually found the aforementioned monk who is now his Master.

But only to be turned away. Not being able to face his friends and former teachers in his defeat, Sohmah set off into the Twelveswood. Needing a place to stay, the young pugilist enlisted in the Twin Adders and after his preliminary training, was appointed Serpent Private underneath Sergeant Jaster Laenwyn. Years of fighting together in grand company operations brought Sohmah and Jaster closer together, and so when his friend became the Lord Commander of the Knights of Redwall, Sohmah loyally followed. Around this time, Sohmah returned to the same monk who turned him away, asking again to be their pupil. Perhaps they seen something that wasn’t there before? He wasn’t sure, but this time his Master agreed to train him. Since joining the Knights of Redwall, Sohmah has been on various excursions to Coerthas, weeding out imperial spies that are trying to take advantage of the imbalance within the Holy See upon establishing a new republic. As the Division Commander for the Fellowship of Strix, Sohmah is doing all he can to help the Lord Commander combat the forces of Garlemald with a contingent of spies at his disposal.

Sohmah possesses an Echo, one of the boons gifted by Hydaelyn. He has no clear answer as to when it manifested and he does not suffer from reoccurring visions, the few he has had were sporadic and were personally related to him in some way. His echo also allows him to see aether in the environment like a sixth sense, unlike to Yshtola’s aether seeing in the way it doesn’t drain him or put strain on his life force.



Sohmah faceclaim 1.jpg

Sohmah faceclaim 2.jpg

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Name: Jaster Laenwyn (Tia)

Race: Mi'qote, Keeper of the Moon

Gender: Male

Height: 5" 5'

Personality: Jaster is a calm, intelligent, yet aloof individual. In addition, he is known as a bit as a cryptid, with even his closest associates only really seeing him in passing. When he actually can be found, he almost always has a book, missive, or letter in his hand. He also seems to switch the frequency in his linkshell so often that it warrants having one for both of his ears. Being the Lord Commander of the Order and its Founder, he holds the lives of the men and women under his command in the highest regard. Although this seems like a normal part of his personality, it was only made worse when the Resistance faction he served with was massacred at the site of Castrum Oriens years ago. A moment in history that inspired the Knights of Redwall. He never talks about the incident, but it seems he studies and keeps up with information to stay weeks ahead of the organization's enemies. It isn't certain whether this is necessary for his position or as a way of coping with what happened.

Jobs: Red Mage (Main), Knight (Supplement), Machinist (Supplement)

Even though he is a Red Mage, his studies and traveling have given him sufficient skills in firearms, various forms of swordplay, and is known to be an avid Botanist.

Backstory: Jaster Laenwyn grew up as a young Keeper of the Moon male in the Isle of Sharlayan, where he was raised to be a guard and concubine for the tribe. In an effort to escape that fate, he traveled to the mainland, where he studied conjuration magic formally. Although he stayed decently high in the rankings of his class, he was caught and convicted for being caught studying White Magic while not being a Padjal. Although he believed firmly that it was an archaic tradition, a law never repealed from the aftermath of the 6th Umbral Era, he was charged none the less. Within a few weeks, the calamity occured, forcing the mass exodus back to the Isle of Sharlayan. It was then that Jaster made his escape, refusing to waste the rest of his live in the lowest ranks of his society by mere birth. Instead he stowed away on a privateer ship from the northern seas of Dravania to Ala Mhigo, where he found not only quick work in the Resistance, but a way of studying the magic he so desperately wanted to in the form of Red Magic. However, because he only really studied conjuration and white magic, he suffers balance issues while casting Red Magic.

After Jaster found his way to Ala Mhigo, he was picked up by a small, unnamed Resistance faction that patrolled the western area of The Reach. However, when the Empire came to annex the land surrounding Ala Mhigo, his order was wiped out just like so many others. During the battle, Jaster received what seemed to be a killing blow to his torso, and for some unknown reason, a version of the Echo awakened within him. Unlike other known examples of the Echo, Jaster's gift seems to revolve around hearing the voices of the spirits in the surrounding area. Unlike the spirits of the Padjai, Jaster just seems to hear the voices of the dead. Some come to him like whispers on a spring breeze, others sound so close to him that they could be right beside them.

He somehow walked out of that massacre with little more than the clothes on his back, his armor torn, his weapon shattered. It took the Twin Adder's scouts in the East Shroud weeks to find him, and when they did, it was deep in Sylph territory, deeper than even the Empire's spies are willing to go. After a few weeks of recovery, Jaster was sworn in as a Scout in the Twin Adders.

It took him little time to ascend the ranks and earn himself an outstanding reputation as both a skirmisher, scout, and agent. In a little under a year, he was given an official squadron to command. However, in order to do the most damage to the Empire as possible, his plans would need to have more room to work. Soon, he formed the Knights of Redwall, and made its base of operations in the Lavender Beds. Using the contacts and resources he acquired during his tenure as a Scout captain in the Twin Adder and an agent of the Ala Mhigan Resistance within Ala Mhigo, he quickly began work orchestrating an organization with the means to continually wear down the Imperial forces through guerilla warfare.




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