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Huho Sopoho

mateus Liberty Industries <RAIN>

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Liberty Industries: Freelance Research and Expeditionary Company
Liberty Industries, a freelance research and expeditionary company, known for their attraction to odd relics and accepting jobs with equal oddities.

A research and acquisition group based out of their research facility in Gridania’s Lavender Beds. Liberty Industries is made up of several different departments which range from focuses on: Magic, Aether, Crafting, Culture, Technology, and everything in-between. There is also our Expeditionary branch for Combat and Adventurer types. Anything you have an interest in studying, our facility has it for you. We also provide the services of our experts to individuals or other companies who might make use of us. If you do not understand something you found, need help finding something, or unleashed you-don’t-know-what, we are the group to help you!


OOC Background – We are a Heavy RP FC looking for dedicated members to help us build up our FC. Also, we are planning story arcs for our own FC as well as cross-FC stories. We would also love to be involved in individual storylines, members or otherwise. For more information please contact the FC Leader or officers listed above. (Also feel free to message me on Discord. Looking for a fun and inclusive RP guild? We might be for you!

Free Company House
Lavender Beds: Ward 14/Plot 35
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