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Looking for Contacts!

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Hey there! I'm looking for Roleplay contacts of all kinds, both short- and long-term, for my main character, Dayir Laurent. Dayir is on the Balmung server, but I am always interested in Discord RP, or even Google Docs.

A bit about me. 

I have been roleplaying for many years, and currently work as a product designer on the East coast of the United States. My RP style tends to lean towards the heavier side; the sort of posts that go a little longer than a paragraph, and I enjoy descriptive, emotionally interesting roleplay. That being said, I'm more than willing to fit my writing to your preferred style. I have a long way to go before I consider myself good, but I enjoy writing stories and delving deeply into my characters.

What sort of RP am I looking for?

At the moment, Dayir is in need of contacts of all sorts. He is open to Romance, and there is very little subject matter that I would not be willing to touch on; darker themes are acceptable, as well as slower, slice-of-life, if that's more your speed. I love variety in my RP. It can be difficult to find a solid partner, so long-term contacts are extremely welcome, but not necessary in the least. In-game and Discord are both completely okay with me. I keep a solid frequency, and am very active in-game. You can find me online most evenings. Huge nerd, I know.

Character Information:


Name: Dayir Laurent
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Race: Au'ra - Xaela
Profession: Explorer, Scholar, Collector, Adventurer for Hire.
Residence: No permanent residence, but holds an office in The Goblet.

Tumblr/Wiki: https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Dayir_Laurent

Brief Backstory/Personality Blurb:

Dayir Laurent is, above all, a man who holds an abstract desire, somehow material and intangible all at once. The blood of adventure flows through his body, but that isn't it. A deep love of information, lore, and the stories that make the world sing covers his mind, but that isn't it. From deeper it stems, a driving, singular desire that tints every aspect of his struggle, his occupation, and his love. Dayir Laurent wishes for the things that no one knew could ever exist. A curious, focused gaze would find you from behind his spectacles, wondering just where you might lead him. And just what he can get out of you.

Making his living as a collector and expert in the retrieval of priceless rarities and lost histories, he travels the world, diving into the most reckless pursuits at the mere mention of a rumor, a long career of danger and a longer waltz with death coating his world-weary body, comrades and combat both tinting his soul. He is both stoic and calm, and yet relentlessly curious, traveling the world and collecting lore and artifacts, several of which hang from his body as he walks.

Plot Hooks:

■ If your character finds themselves dealing with the arcane, mystical or old, Dayir is likely interested in what you've got going on. 

■ If your character finds themselves dealing with the arcane, mystical old, and illegal, Dayir is doubly interested. The things that society says are wrong are usually where the most interesting things happen.

■ If your character is a scholar, or a writer, or a bookworm. They have a lot to talk about.

■ If your character is interested in exploration, or finding new experiences, or simply needs to get out of their comfort zone, meeting Dayir could be a powerful experience for them.

■ If your character is looking for a traveling partner, Dayir is always glad to have company, and I love writing small adventures for characters.

Contact Details:


Discord (River#8158), or send me a message right here!


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