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mateus [Mateus] Grand Re-Opening Nov 3rd

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Steel Bear is happy to welcome everyone back to our Market & Tavern nights.

 November 3rd, 7:00 pm EST,  we are celebrating our grand re-opening.

Visit our Market where you’ll find High Quality, Hand Crafted items.  Everything from Armor to Imports. 


While you’re there, take a break from shopping and come into our tavern -The Bear’s Den. 

We serve a one-of-a-kind Ala Mhigan based menu and the finest hand crafted Ales, Stouts along with Imported and Domestic liquors. 

For our grand opening be sure to order your free Burger & a Pint!


Looking for work? Steel Bear Enterprises is now hiring.  We have several positions open. 

Mercenary/Security - Crafters/Vendors - Tavern Staff/Dancers/Entertainers. Inquire with management. 




OOC Information! 
Whew, it’s been a long two months as the FC has gone through a major story-arch that ended up with the company house being burned to the ground!  The FC suffered losses - No actual PCs were killed, just NPC employees! 

We are a break in the story where it’s a great time to re-open the FC house, take on new employees and get into the holiday swing before we resume the story-arch. 

Looking for a FC or maybe a place for your character to work?  SB is always hiring!  Those who might be interested in joining the FC can have a look at our website and get a feel for the FC. 



Start with the recruitment page. Those that join the FC will find themselves immersed in our individualized initiate phase. You needn’t worry about meshing in, story wise or OOC, we’ll keep you busy. 


We welcome crafters, gatherers, those looking for slice of life RP, mercenary RP, neutral/ bad guy RP, pirates, tigers and bears. Oh my.

We also welcome those who are looking to be allies of the FC or employ their characters without joining the FC.  Speak to an officer for more details. 





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It's tonight!  I'm so excited!  I hope to see you there.

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