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Aerea Lyril

mateus [Mateus] All Saints' Wake Party (10/29/18)!

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Come one, come all, for a celebration of fun and trickery!

              The free company Red Mantis Falls (<RMF>) is hosting an All Saints' Wake party at 8 PM EST tonight (10/29) at the RMF free company house (Mist Ward 7 Plot 5, nearest aetheryte is the Seagaze Market Subdivision)! There will be a live music playlist to be streamed along with a suitably terrifying orchestrion playlist, as well as a menu of food items that you will receive in-game. On top of that, the party will also include an OOC-costume contest with several categories to be judged and a fantastic best-in-contest prize!

              As part of the All Saints' Wake theme, attendees should have either of the All Saint’s Wake minions summoned in order to enter the party and the costume contest. Details about the costume contest and the prizes are below.


              Host: Regan Blackstone

              Location: RMF free company house (Mist Ward 7 Plot 5, nearest aetheryte is the Seagaze Market Subdivision). Note: the house will be posing as a venue for the party, not as the actual RMF free company house.

              Time: 8 PM EST tonight (10/29)

              Menu: https://tinyurl.com/RMFAllSaintsMenu



Contest will be OOC and begin 1 hour into Event, participants have until 5 minutes prior to the contest start to sign up for their chosen category. Participants may only be judged in one category of their choosing.

              Judging Categories:

  • Disney Ruined My Standards (Princess/Prince/Villain)
  • Ready Player One (Video Game Characters)
  • 2Spoopy5Me (Traditional Halloween)
  • Primal Urge (Eikons of Hydaelyn)
  • How MARVELous (Comicbook Heroes and Villains)
  • Best In Show (Overall top prize chosen by FC members from category winners)


Category winners will be chosen via popular vote of those in attendance, while Best in Show will be chosen via popular vote cast by FC members only.

  • Category winners will receive: 100k gil + 1 music roll, 1 minion based on category theme
  • Best in Show will receive: + 1 horde weapon of their choice, 2 music rolls, 2 semi rare minions


              Minion Prizes per category:

  • Wide-Eyed Fawn (Disney)
  • Castaway Chocobo Chick (Video Game)
  • Baby Bat (Traditional)
  • Wind-up Ifrit (Eikons)
  • Model Vanguard (Comicbook)
  • Gold Rush Minecart + Plush Cushion (Best in Show)

             Orchestrion Rolls per category:

  • Fragments of Forever (Disney)
  • Battle on The Big Bridge (Video Game)
  • Hallowed Halls (Traditional)
  • Fiend (Eikon)
  • Under The Weight (Comicbook)
  • Amatsu Kaze + Victory or Death (Best in Show)


If you have any questions, send them to Regan Blackstone (Beryllium#004 on discord)!



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