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[Discord Literate RP] Keeper of the Moon looking for fellow adventurers

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Good evening, everyone!

I may be on Louisoix, but I actually do not want to RP there. In fact, I just don't like RPing in the game because right now, I cannot afford a whole lot of playtime and prefer to actually play the game when I can instead of RP. Rather, I would like to find a proper literate RPer who would RP on discord with me.


About me:

I'm 18, female and my time zone is UTC +1 and I have years of RP experience under my belt.

In game, I play a female Keeper of the Moon. Shimi Haru is her name, although I'll change that to the acronym Simhi Haur as soon as I can afford it.


About my interests:

Mainly, we will just RP daily life or the occasional meeting and adventure together, depending on what your character is like. We could become travel companions and more - I don't mind whether it's friendship and romance. It just seems to me that Keepers rarely settle, which is why I suggest this passing travelers setting, but feel free to convince me otherwise.


In addition, I'd like to expand on the lore of these feline folks. The pre-established dynamics create some interesting conflicts we could explore throughout our RP. I mean, basically, we have the independent Keeper females vs the alpha Seeker males. Or the Keeper lady's man and the loyal dutiful Seeker female. Either way, as of now, I'd prefer to play a Keeper female and am searching for my mate. Will we become best friends? Will it be romantic? Or are we destined to be fiends? Let's find out!

Also: If I can find enough people, I'd actually like to open a server instead of only RPing in the DMs.


About whom I'm going to keep:

Please be experienced in actual literate RP. I'm looking for decent grammar and orthography - however, I'm not going to rip off your head for every single mistake either.

About being +18...well, I don't mind either, because I don't necessarily need anything that would require such a rating. If that is of interest to you, please ensure yourself that your age passes the threshold.

I also do not absolutely require you to be a Miqo'te as well. Any race will do, although same kind will be preferred.


Finally - please contact me if this applies to you and the topic interests you - we can discuss further details on discord.


PS: I also just noticed that on this website, you apparently may share that information, so hit me up on Discord if you're interested! Shimiharu#3202


Looking forward to future campfires and nights spent beneath the moon and stars,

Shimi Haru

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Posted (edited)

Bumpin' because I've had someone interested in this, but insecure due to post date.


And I'm still looking.

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Posted (edited)

Uhm...people ghosting me leads to me bumping this once again. Also because I dearly miss someone who's ghosting me.


EDIT: I'm hereby sorry for anyone I'm involuntarily ghosting. I got busier than I thought, but this is still up, so anyone interested, do contact me.

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Apology and additional information

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