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Ki wong

Ryder makes her entrance.

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Ryder K. Age 23 

Race Miqo'te/ Sunkeeper

Ryder is a young master in training Monk and Samurai, don't ask she went and found 2 teachers to teach each. She's young, sarcastic and always looking for adventure, rather that be in fights or with people. She's always trying to keep herself from being bored and in one place. Unless it's bed then she's all over that, cause she's lazy. Not one to being tied down she goes in life at her pace with only her thoughts in mind. Leaving the tribe life behind she seeks gil, power,, lots of power and freedom. Her home life before she left her tribe at 16 was standard, training in the arts and perparing herself to be mated for the tribe. To qoute her fully. " 'Buck that! 'Eh not staying just to be second to 'a bucket! " While her home life until she left wasn't horrible she didn't make it easy on her parents who just wanted her to not go against the order of things. But Ryder wasn't having any of that. Why go thur life following others when you can set your own path. She'd rather go thur life struggling to keep her own with the hope of winning then to live a life of safeness knowing all she did was follow a path walked already. 

My goals. 

      Mainly to just find someone who wants to RP with me on wacky adventures. I want to build Ryder's plot overtime so longstanding I guess? I'm still new to this so if you have any questions on me or Ryder you can contact me on discords at ryder#9036. I'm ALWAYS online so hit me up. As for what kindof RP I'm open to any kind really. I don't have many hang ups on anything. I only ask you bare with me cause while I've RPed in the past it's never longterm and I'm still learning. Plus typing on a PS4 controller SUUUUUUCKS.

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