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Looking for active RPers!

A'fen Terronar

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The Lionguard's Pride is currently searching for players, and roleplayers.  Casual or hardcore, roleplay the way you want, and run PvE or PvP content to your hearts content!  The most important thing I'm looking for are folks that just want to have a good time RPing, with an excuse to go out anywhere into the world and RP, create crazy stories, either heroic, or villanous!  All the while forming a friendship with the other members of the company.  


Currently we are looking for all classes, all types of players, and all races.  No requirements to get in, just be friendly, respect other people, and be active!


Feel free to message myself in game with a tell, My toon's name, is A'fen Terronar.  I'd be more than happy to hear from anyone!  Thank you for your time reading this!

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