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A'fen Terronar

mateus Lionguard's Pride <Lion>

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Hello!!   A'fen Terronar from Mateus here!  I've been recently trying to build an RP FC up into a community of casual to hardcore Roleplayers.  Lionguard's Pride, is an FC centered around a mercenary company, and includes all the jobs that running such a business would entail!  Whether it be actual mercenaries working contracts, lounge workers, clerical workers, or anything.  There is a spot for everyone, combat or not!  


The main reasoning behind it was to give players an excuse to RP anywhere, anytime, and to have excuses to run content/ improv short stories, or develop plots, all while having the slice of life in between contracts moments.  


The FC is ICly sponsored by the grand companies of Eorzea, and provides amenities as well as opportunities for adventurers, mercenaries, or anyone with a bit of ambition or work ethic a chance to make a living.  Most importantly however it's about coming together to create a community of like minded folks that are here to have fun RPing.  Being part of the Pride means looking after each other!  Whether you want to join or perhaps work together in an FC alliance of some kind, all form of contacts and growth are being sought after!


Feel free to message me on here, or go join the FC club page!  When Maintenance ends you can always send me a tell in game!


Thank you for your time! 


-A'fen Terronar


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Hi I just got back into the game and I know nothing about lore or anything to be honest. I was wondering if one you all are still active and two if you are still taking in people that are new and willing to learn. I would like to be active in the RP community not only with the FC but with the server.

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